Dystonia : when the body fails

Dystonia : when the body fails
dystonia (VVD) is the rallying symbol of symptoms that indicate a violation of the autonomic nervous system, which can be observed in a wide variety of diseases.

VVD - a syndrome that occurs as a result of a malfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which, as part of the human nervous system, regulates the activity of internal organs, endocrine and exocrine and operation of vessels.

Errors in this system manifest violations of internal balance (blood circulation, heat, digestion) - this is what is called dystonia.

Symptoms of vascular dystonia

symptoms of disorders of the autonomic nervous system are manifested as dizziness, headaches, loss of sleep, fatigue, anxiety, recurrent breathlessness sensations, irritability, cooling the hands and feet, urinary disorders and discomfort in the interiorbodies.

Enough characteristic cardialgia, palpitations, irregular heart, tachycardia, cardiophobia and other disorders associated with heart area.

A variety of complaints, and about a hundred signs indic

ate extreme versatility of the manifestations of what is called the IRR.

Causes vascular dystonia

reasons for these symptoms may be different somatic diseases - anemia, lack of thyroid hormones, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

If the doctors were unable to find an organic cause of the disease, which is almost 70% of cases, the cause of poor health are mental disorders - panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, anxiety disorders, somatomorfnaya autonomic cardiac dysfunction and similar conditions,who need advice and treatment of a doctor, therapist or psychiatrist.

reasons for the above disorders may be permanent or extremely powerful stress, abuse of caffeinated beverages, alcohol or drugs, fatigue, brain injury, as well as the number of infections, chemical and physical influences.

Treatment of vascular dystonia

Proper treatment of the symptoms of functional disorders vascular system can only give a psychotherapist / psychiatrist.Generally, treatment involves a number of different drugs and therapeutic methods.

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