Poison mushrooms : precautions

Poison mushrooms : precautions
Poor knowledge of species of fungi, random errors in the collection, improper cooking or storage - these are the main causes of mushroom poisoning.

Mushroom hunting, which traditionally opens in late summer, often ends with acute poisoning.

By the nature of poisoning are three groups of toxins contained in the mushrooms.

first make substances that have local irritant effect, causing usually only a violation of the digestive system functions.They are found in certain types of syroezhek, mushrooms, honey and others. When the poisoning of these fungi man within 15 minutes begins to feel discomfort in the stomach.As a rule, these poisonings are easily treated and is not life-threatening.

second group - this is the action of neurotropic toxins that cause primarily disorders of the central nervous system.In humans, 30 minutes - 2 hours after drinking bouts start laughing or crying, hallucinations, loss of consciousness.Such toxins are contained in the fly agaric, some types ryadovok and syroezhek.Poisoni

ng can be quite sharp, broken heart and brain activity, as well as the work of the respiratory system.Immediate treatment usually gives satisfactory results.However, in larger doses, these toxins may lead to death.

The third group - it is deadly toxins, which are contained, for example, pale grebe.Once in the body, toxins more days do not cause any noticeable symptoms.However, in the latent period begin irreversible changes in the kidney and liver.Even when time begun treatment to 30% of such cases can end in death.

Symptoms of poisoning

first mushroom poisoning symptoms usually appear within hours after eating and have a more pronounced character of flow than the usual food poisoning.The main features of mushroom poisoning include:

  • cramping abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea;
  • lowering blood pressure, heart rate drop, cold extremities;
  • appearance hallucinogenic reactions, motor excitation.

In the case of severe intoxication may result in liver or kidney until the onset of hepatic coma or acute renal failure.

First aid

When the first signs of poisoning is an urgent need to consult a doctor.Providing quick and timely pre-hospital care is to remove toxic substances from the body.

Before arrival of the doctor is necessary to wash the affected stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or cause vomiting.Keep in mind that cause dangerous vomiting in cases if the victim is unconscious or inhibited state, which is accompanied by frequent attacks of breathlessness.

If after eating more than four hours, an urgent need to start washing the stomach, after which give the victim a saline laxative.

In the case of mushroom poisoning the best effect is achieved by repeated administration of activated charcoal within a few hours after the gastric lavage.Coal venom inhibits the passage through the intestinal wall and its absorption into the bloodstream.To 1 g of binding material required 10 grams of activated carbon.


To avoid mushroom poisoning, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • use food only well-known species of fungi;
  • not pick mushrooms near the cultivated agricultural lands;
  • not collect old and overgrown mushrooms;
  • carefully to sort, process and prepare the mushrooms the day of collection;
  • subjected to sterilization at a temperature not lower than 120 degrees.

case of suspected mushroom poisoning is not permitted medication with antipyretic or analgesic, fermented milk products, tea or coffee.

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