Medical care for foreigners in the UK

Medical care for foreigners in the UK
Planning a trip to the UK, you should take care of their own safety, and carefully review the features of the medical service of tourists in the country.

Olympic Games, taking place in 2012 in London, caused a huge influx of foreign nationals in the UK, including the Russian fans.

between Russia and Britain adopted a convention on mutual provision of medical services.Under this provision, the Russian tourists who arrived in the UK are entitled to free emergency medical care in the departments of emergency medical care in NHS hospitals (National Health Service), the treatment of certain infectious diseases, specialized psychiatric care and family planning.

In all other cases will have to pay for treatment.It is also paid medical services provided by private clinics.

Certificate of vaccination for entry into the United Kingdom is not required.

Medical insurance

To avoid problems, including financial, related to emergency hospitalization or obtaining special medical care, should advance out health


amount of insurance policy coverage should be at least 25-30 thousand. Euro.

In the event of an insured event to provide timely medical assistance should contact the Service Center, whose phone number is listed in the insurance policy.

operator is required to inform the passport data of the insured person in need of assistance, policy number and its validity period, to announce what kind of help is needed, and specify your location and coordinates feedback.

To compensate for medical expenses need to collect all the checks to be submitted to the insurance company.

Actions in an emergency

When suddenly developed illness or accident Russian tourist can contact the emergency department of the nearest hospital, which operates around the clock.If the patient's condition serious, you need to call an ambulance.

Memo tourist UK

Across the UK territory the combined number of fire service, ambulance and police - 999.

also possible to call the ambulance call 112.

On these numbers can call from any phone,including mobile phone, for free.


Greater London Police: tel.0207 230 12 12.

This police unit serves all areas of London outside the so-called Square Mile.

City of London Police: tel.0207 601 22 22.

This police unit serves the financial district known as the City or the Square Mile


Service "Doktorkoll» (Doctorcall, tel. 0207 225 11 November) and "Medkoll» (Medcall) offer laundrymedical care at home, the doctor sent for one hour.

«Medkoll" service offers doctors speaking in Russian, as well as a private hospital.

  • Guy's Hospital (Guy's Hospital, Tel. 0207 955 50 00)
  • Hospital St. Thomas (St. Thomas Street, St. Thomas Hospital, tel. 0207 928 92 92)
  • Hospital St. Barth (Lambeth Palace Road, St. Bart's Hospital, tel. 0207 601 88 88)
  • Hospital Royal Brompton (West Smith Field, Royal Brompton Hospital, tel. 0207 352 81 21, Sydney St)


pharmacy chain located around Londonsome of them are working around the clock.

«Boots" - one of the largest companies, which has branches in many parts of London, which is open from 08:00 to 19:00, Monday to Saturday.

Russian Embassy in London

Address Russian Embassy: 13, Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QX, UK
Phone: (August 1044 207) 2293628/2292666

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