Help for hypertensive crisis

Help for hypertensive crisis
Hypertensive crisis - a condition in which blood pressure rises sharply.To prevent organ damage to the patient should be helped immediately.

provoke a hypertensive crisis may be different reasons: changing weather conditions, increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure;psycho-emotional overstrain, cancellation or replacement of drugs, especially in people with hypertension, or acute renal failure;error in the diet - excess salt, fluid, long break from eating or overeating.

norm or pathology

accepted that the ideal blood pressure of a healthy person is equal to 120/80 mm.HgBut this rule is not absolute.For some patients, a relatively small increase in pressure to 150/90 mmHgIt is already a crisis.Others - most often it is people with hypertension - they begin to feel discomfort only at 270/130 mmHg

Forerunners hypertensive crisis

Intrigue hypertensive crisis that occurs suddenly, he, on the background of well-being.Usually, the symptoms all have the same headache, often pulsating nature;visual d

isturbances - flashing "flies", double vision, mesh, or blurred vision;feeling of heat and dryness in the mouth;nausea until vomiting;cold in the extremities, sweating, trembling all over the body;lethargy, apathy or irritability and concerns;palpitation and a sense of lack of air.

In addition, people with hypertension crisis may be accompanied by blood circulation and the development of aphasia, amnesia, paresis.It may develop sudden stroke.

Help for hypertensive crisis

We must act quickly.If you suspect a hypertensive crisis in the first place you need to call an ambulance.And then give first aid to the victim: a person put to bed, giving it a semi-sitting position, lower extremities (feet, shins) warm hot-water bottle, mustard plasters or foot bath.

If the victim took the tablets of the prolonged action to stabilize blood pressure, it is better to give him as an extraordinary dose of fast-acting drug, but the drug must be on the list of doctor's appointments and familiar victim.If there was a crisis for the first time, do not self-medicate.It is better to wait for the arrival of doctors.

Psychological support

With a sharp increase in blood pressure is a strong release of stress hormones: fear for his life, anxiety, restlessness.Therefore, in such cases it is very important to support the people around them, especially ones.You can even give a sedative medication to normalize mental and emotional state.


If there was a crisis with the person the first time or complicated, even after first aid and fall of pressure necessarily need to be hospitalized in the cardiology department of the hospital.

prevention measures

correct way of life - the best prevention of hypertensive crisis.The favorable psychological atmosphere, lack of stress and conflict situations, compliance with diet and lack of bad habits - all this will serve as a guarantee of good health.Do not forget that self-change treatment regimens or cancellation of drugs without the knowledge of the cardiologist may also affect the occurrence of hypertensive crisis.

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