depressive syndrome Treatment

depressive syndrome treatment
Manic-depressive psychosis, cerebral atherosclerosis, schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses accompanied by depressive symptoms.Treatment must be accompanied by its treatment of the underlying disease.

depressive syndrome - a psychiatric condition, which is accompanied by so-called depressive triad: reduction in mental and motor activity, depressed mood and somatic disorders.Depressive syndrome, the treatment of which can be delayed for a long time, is the most common mental disorder after fatigue, and about 10% of people suffering from this disease, commit suicide.

symptoms of a depressive syndrome

depressive syndrome is characterized by certain physical disorders.The most common:

  • depressed mood;
  • loss of appetite;
  • difficulty falling asleep, dreams surface with anxiety dreams;
  • lethargy and "weakness" in the morning;
  • distraction and forgetfulness;
  • slowing of mental activity;
  • uncertainty in their abilities.

Apart from the usual depression, there are also hidden, the number of whi

ch is 10-20 times higher.First, these patients are treated by other doctors, because among them is dominated by people with cardiovascular symptoms.

Depressive syndrome: treatment

depressive syndrome requires treatment specialist, otherwise there will be a deepening of the depression and the growth of some of its features:

  • painful sensations in the chest, that the patients themselves describe as moral pain;
  • depreciation former affections, interests - the so-called mental insensibility;
  • delusions.

treatment of mild forms of depression on an outpatient basis, and severe - in the hospital, which is prescribed tranquilizers and antidepressants.When the depressive syndrome complicated by delusions and hallucinations, treatment is adjusted using antipsychotics.

depressive syndrome, which has a seasonal character, allows for preventive treatment before the first symptoms of the disease.The main danger of a depressive syndrome is the possibility of suicide attempt patients, so treatment under the supervision of a specialist is necessary.

Anyone who collided with a depressive syndrome and needs medical intervention, you should know that mild forms of depression are cured with the help of psychotherapy and treatment with vitamins and herbs is inadequate.Alcohol and drug use contribute to temporary relief, but never leads to a full recovery.Wanting to get rid of depression, you can step on a slippery slope, and a return to a past life would be almost impossible.Trust the experts, and depressive syndrome will be for you no more than a memory of the past.

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