30 % of Russians had never applied to the mammologist

According to studies conducted in the framework of the charitable Avon program "Together Against Breast Cancer", only 30% of Russian women attending breast physician once a year, while 40% are viewing much less frequently, and 30% do not go to the doctor.

The most common explanation for non-attendance doctor among Russian women - "I have nothing to bother" and "I do not have time for this."

However, few of these women think about the fact that in the early stages of breast cancer can be detected only by a qualified specialist.In addition, the time needed to visit a doctor, does not go to any comparison with the long months of struggle with advanced disease and long-term rehabilitation after her experiences with family and friends, as well as the lost beauty and health of women.

Breast cancer ranks first among cancers of women - each year around the world are diagnosed about one million new cases of the disease and is found in 52 thousand women (which is about 19% in Russia diagnosed "breast cancer" (

BC) of all women.cancers).

Over the past 20 years, the incidence has increased by 64%, in addition, the disease is younger - according to WHO, one third died of her women were younger than 45 years.

risk of developing this type of cancer is every eight Russians, but more than 90% of breast cancer is completely curable if detected at an early stage.However, most women are diagnosed at later stages of the disease, when the death rate is already very high.

For this reason, as part of the charity program "Together Against Breast Cancer" has been 8 years active in the information center, which provides comprehensive support and assistance to all those who in one degree or another faced with this problem, or simply concerned about their health.

This inattention to the women themselves and the lack of habit to undergo regular diagnostics is a major cause detection of breast cancer in the advanced stage.

«Our hotline operates since 2003, and each year her work has become increasingly popular, - says Angela Cretu, General Director of the Avon, Eastern Europe.- However, the statistics we received proves once again that in front of us a lot more work. "

commented Galina Korzhenkova expert charitable program Avon «Together Against Breast Cancer", MD, oncologist, a senior researcher at the Russian Cancer Research Center.Blokhin:

«We can not force women to undergo regular routine checkups mammalogy, so try to contact them by all available means.Largely thanks to the program "Together Against Breast Cancer" the number of women who undergo regular medical examinations by specialists, has been steadily increasing (from 2009 to 2011 their number has increased from 32% to 40%).

Women also have more confidence in itself an effective method of diagnosis of breast cancer - mammography (21% in 2009, 36.3% in 2011).

In general, the dynamics is positive, and is still an open question.Alone, without the participation of the women themselves, who want to hear about a problem, we can not completely overcome the disease.That is why we repeatedly urge the Russians care about their health and annually invite them to a charity march "Together Against Breast Cancer".

26 May 2012 Avon charity march was held for the sixth time.On this day, around 5 500 people from 40 Russian cities have been the route of 4 km from the Swamp waterfront on the central squares and streets of the capital.The march ended with a big Family Festival of health and beauty, which took place in Central Park of Culture and Rest.Bitter and collected more than 18 thousand. Participants.

Total For the six charity march and festival managed to gather about 8 million rubles.All the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts, merchandise with pink ribbon and include contributions from partners, they will be directed to charitable initiatives, including the purchase of modern diagnostic equipment for regional cancer centers.

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