Hepatitis B : it's closer than you think

common misconception that hepatitis B and C - a disease of drug addicts and prostitutes, has led to an epidemic of these diseases both in Russia and in the world.About how it happened and what to do now, says the expert, patients and physicians at a press conference on the second World Hepatitis Day, held in Moscow on July 27, 2012.

in Russia with chronic hepatitis B according to official data live about 3 million people and more than 5 million have chronic hepatitis C. When the country's official statistics sick every seventeenth (and real figures, as scientists believe, is much higher)it is impossible not to agree that viral hepatitis is one of the most pressing global health and social problems.

July 27, 2012, on the eve of the second World Hepatitis Day, the interregional public organization of assistance to patients with viral hepatitis "Together against hepatitis B", with the active support of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, "AIF" the World Health Organization and the ID held a p

ress conference at whichpatients, physicians and scientists have been able to discuss the main social, demographic and medical aspects of the problem of viral hepatitis.

«To date, managed to achieve a significant reduction in the incidence of acute hepatitis B, which was made possible thanks to a successful vaccination program.The situation with the incidence of chronic hepatitis B and C in Russia remains very unfavorable.The incidence of chronic hepatitis B in the past 10 years, has no tendency to decrease and remain at the level of 13-16 cases per 100 000 population.The incidence of chronic hepatitis C has been steadily increasing, reaching in 2010 the figure of 40 cases per 100 000 population.It is for chronic hepatitis C in the first half of 2012, marked by an increased incidence of almost half of Russia's regions.The majority of cases registered among young people aged 20 to 40 years, ie,affected the main work and the reproductive potential of the country », - said the head of the Reference Centre for Viral Hepatitis monitoring Rospotrebnadzor, head of the scientific advisory clinical and diagnostic center FBUN Central Research Institute of Epidemiology Vladimir Petrovich Closets.

I do not think I could get sick!

« During my work in patient organizations I could hear a lot of stories of people living with hepatitis B and C. These stories and their characters are very, very different, but there is in them something in common - the majority of patients, evenThey did not think they could get sick!Of course, they are all normal, prosperous people are not antisocial elements of society, how can they relate to the disease, which "spreads through the needle addict», - said chairman of Interregional public organization promoting the patients with viral hepatitis "Together against hepatitis» Semen Viktorovich Borisov. - Alas, it is not.Hepatitis affects all ».

With this view agree and doctors.Associate Professor of therapy and profbolezney First MGMU them.THEM.Sechenov k.m.n., Lopatkin Tatiana said that « now found that the main sources of infection caused by the hepatitis B virus are not sick with acute hepatitis B (they are infected with a 4-6% of patients), and the great mass of so-called asymptomatic carriers of HBs-antigen, a significant proportion of which in-depth examination reveals chronic hepatitis.In Russia, such carriers, there are at least 3 million people.It should also be noted that in recent years has significantly increased the proportion of patients infected with hepatitis nosocomial (ie as a result of medical intervention) by.Recall that acute viral hepatitis C becomes chronic in 60-80% of cases and in 20% - leads to cirrhosis.Equally comforting and forecasts concerning patients with chronic hepatitis B ".

The growth rate of incidence of chronic hepatitis B and C have long exceeded the prevalence of HIV infection and tuberculosis and affected all sections of the population, not only socially disadvantaged families.Is there a way out of this situation?

image, screening and vaccination

There is a way, experts believe.If we can change the image of the disease itself, it will positively impact the situation with morbidity.If Hepatitis affects everyone, it applies to you.And so you, for you, not the mythological character Basil addict must pass the test for hepatitis.As today it is widely available and easily feasible tests.

Screening of the general population is indeed necessary, experts believe.This does not only care about their health, but also about the health of loved ones.Therefore, be screened for viral hepatitis is necessary for everyone.The disease is identified at an early stage, it is much easier to treat, and its progression can be stopped completely.

not least, vaccination against hepatitis B.

« Hepatitis B vaccination in our country has been introduced in the National calendar of preventive inoculations by order of the RF Ministry of Health in December 1997, in 1999 the execution of this order really started.Naturally, the results of this work are visible only after a few years, but what that vaccination - it the right way, no doubt, "- said Tatiana Lopatkin.

themselves infected, and treated ourselves!

Bad image of hepatitis B and C does not exist only in the mind of a simple man in the street.Unfortunately, similar errors are often shared and bureaucrats.

« At our request the Ministry of Health responded that since hepatitis transmitted by injecting liquids as well as due to unsafe sex, the spread of the disease should be controlled by preventive measures, including expository nature» , - says Semyon Borisov.

educational measures, of course, necessary.And not only for those who are in good health, but also for those who are already sick.Too many patients are faced with a lack of information on living with the disease.Therefore, every authoritative educational resource is particularly valuable.Fortunately, though not often, but they appear.

example, to July 28, 2012 opened the Russian version of the International Educational PATH resource, developed by leading experts, hepatologist, in collaboration with the World Alliance of Hepatitis (World Hepatitis Alliance) and the European Association for patients with liver disease (ELPA), with the support of"Bristol-Myers Squibb."These resources are useful for physicians in their dialogue with patients on the disease and its possible complications, modern approaches to treatment, adherence to treatment, the need for regular inspection.

Raising awareness about the disease - an important, but insufficient measure, especially for the millions already infected with hepatitis B and C. They need treatment that is not only long and difficult, but also expensive.The annual course of treatment for hepatitis C may be 700 thousand rubles, and government programs to support patients with chronic viral hepatitis are almost nonexistent.

But there are highly effective medications for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, which can prevent the development of cirrhosis and liver cancer, patients return to normal life and work capacity, and most importantly - to significantly reduce the death rate.The only problem is the availability of these expensive drugs for patients.

Protect yourself!

Results of a press conference led by Luigi Migliorini, a spokesman for the World Health Organization in the Russian Federation.

« In 2010, the World Health Assembly adopted its first resolution on the WHO viral hepatitis, a disease recognized global problem.To solve it, required large-scale and coordinated efforts from all sides - from the state, the international community and the media, and society itself.However much we can do today.For example, telling people about hepatitis, viral hepatitis transmission routes B and C and methods of prevention and treatment.To convey an important idea: hepatitis may develop everyone, regardless of social status or place of residence.Therefore, each and every need to be screened for hepatitis ».

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