Take care of the throat in the summer

Take care of the throat in the summer
Cold drinks and ice cream in the heat easily lead to pharyngitis and tonsillitis.Why a sore throat in the summer.

The World Health Organization estimates that in the summer the incidence of laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, sore throat and generally all the diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract is 12% higher than in winter and autumn.

This is because not frost or moisture are the cause of the disease, and viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, and saturation of the air during the year is approximately the same.Another thing - a person's willingness to pick up viruses and bacteria.And in the summer we provoke its own in many respects.The reasons are well known:

  • cold air conditioning;
  • local hypothermia (draft);
  • love of a cold shower;
  • swimming in a cold pool and rivers;
  • drinking cold drinks and ice cream.

last factor to the cause of 65-80% of the summer children's incidence of SARS with symptoms of sore throats.Suffer and adults.

mechanism of throat

diseases When steamed in the heat throat gets something cold, the point of contact with the mucous membrane of the pharynx there is irritation, which immediately breaks local factors of non-specific and specific immune protection, and their throat mucosa - acomplex.

It is normal oropharynx immunity resists pathogenic microflora, which is always with us in the mouth, but the violation of the balance between pathogens and the local immunity serves as an impetus to the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oropharynx.Any, or Streptococcus rhinovirus - they have an excellent opportunity to overcome mucosa enter the body and cause disease.

summer sore throat: how to be

In hot weather people sweat and lose about 2 times more moisture than cool days.In accordance with the need to compensate for this lack, he is very thirsty.And it is necessary to drink.But not only cold water, and a little cool.By the way, moisture replenishment mechanism works fine if you drink hot green tea.

If you really want an ice cream or a cold drink, it is better to sit in the shade and allow the body to cool down a little, and have a cold drink or do not need to hurry.Babies doctors advise to give cold drinks and ice cream in the heat.The maximum that they can be resolved - to eat at home has melted ice cream.

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