Gout : risk zone for joints

Gout : risk zone for joints
Gout - illness of aristocrats and those who love to eat.

Gout - it is a chronic disease that is caused by a violation of purine metabolism (salts of uric acid metabolism - urate) and deposition of sodium salts monourata in all joints that provokes their inflammation (arthritis).

This threatens

gout Gout is usually a disease of older people, and in men it develops earlier and in percentage terms more often than women.Gout has always been called the disease of aristocrats: it was believed that she - a consequence of the abundant use of meat and wine.And, in fact, a surplus in the diet of foods rich in purines (meat, eggs, liver, tongue, kidneys, meat of young animals, and others.), Provokes the deposition of urate in joints surplus in purines are transformed in the exchange process.

As a rule, all suffering from gout are overweight, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insulin levels - that is, the signs of the metabolic syndrome.If untreated, arthritis becomes chronic, joints deformed,

they formed gouty nodes - the so-called tophi.Often the disease is accompanied by a kidney stone disease and degenerative changes in the kidneys.


  • If that can be struck by any joints, most often in the beginning of the disease suffers first metatarsophalangeal joint (joint of the big toe), followed by the other joints of the toes.
  • It all starts with a strong attack sharp unbearable pain and a burning sensation in the joint.Usually the attack happens at night or in the morning.
  • After 3-5 hours, the affected joint is as much swollen and bright red, it hurts even more, and limited mobility.
  • A single attack can pass by itself after 3-7 days, but it will happen again in a few months, and if left untreated will happen more and more, capturing new joints.

diet for gout

Changing diet - the main method of preventing gout attacks.It should be:

  • exclude all products that contribute to the concentration of uric acid: offal, soups, meat, young animals, alcohol;
  • limit legumes, spinach, lettuce, sorrel, mushrooms, seafood, caviar, herring;
  • reduce caloric intake and be sure to lose weight - one of the risk factors for the progression of gout.


used drugs that slow down the formation of uric acid, a non-steroidal or corticosteroid (depending on the intensity of the attack) anti-inflammatory and pain medications.Good results for the removal of acute provide physiotherapy.

But, alas, we are not talking about full recovery from most of gout.Doctors can only prescribe treatment, for facilitating arthritis attacks and slows the deposition of uric acid salts, provided always changing diet.

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