Allergy to cats : the basic rules

Allergy to cats
What if the tears flow and swollen nose with a pet.All about allergies to cats.

cat's body releases only two strong allergen.First - Fel d1: is in the saliva, dander, hair and sebaceous secretions of anal glands.Second - Fel d4, is found in the saliva of the animal.On the day they are produced in microscopic quantities.But this is enough for the call allergic reactions in 25% of people.By the way, cats are allergic to occur much more frequently than dogs.Perhaps this is because the dogs often bathe.

The dangerous allergic to cats

Cat dander is very easily disperses in the air, and being quite sticky, firmly attached to the clothing, furniture and other places, to which even the cat sometimes get very problematic.Although allergens size is very small, yet they easily enter the lungs, causing the development of asthma.That's why owners of cats with allergies, it is much more likely to suffer from asthma than people who do not have cats.

it possible to control the symptoms of cat allergies

The easiest way to stop allergies - not to have a pet.From attacks also help some special medication, but even they are powerless if the house lives a few animals.Therefore, today is the most effective way to keep allergies under control - injections.

Tips allergies who do not wish to part with your pet:

  • sterilize the animal (uncastrated cats produce more allergens and hormonal);
  • bathe the cat every week;
  • daily brush (remove the precipitated wool damp towel);
  • not let your cat sleep with you or vents;
  • do not let the cat in the bedroom;
  • wash and vacuum cleaner;
  • set in a bedroom air purifier;
  • regularly do wet cleaning.

However, people with a severe form of these measures will not help asthma.They urgently need to give your pet in good hands:

  • hold steam cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture;
  • wash curtains;
  • hold vacuum cleaning floors;
  • do wet cleaning furniture and hard surfaces;
  • replace air filters.

Remember that cat hair can be kept in the house for several months, so do wet cleaning as often as possible.All the more so often the true cause of allergy is dust.

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