skin Melanoma

skin Melanoma
One of the most dangerous types of skin cancer - melanoma, which begins to grow from the pigment cells - melanocytes.These cells produce pigment, from which ordinary moles (nevi) are formed.

In most cases melanoma is formed directly on the skin, sometimes on the mucous membranes.It can be quite small in size, but is able to rapidly spread metastases via lymph and blood in any of the internal organs or to several.

Melanoma Figures

On average, skin melanoma is found in 1% of all malignant tumors, but in recent years its prevalence is growing, affecting above all the females in the age group 30-40 years.

Dangerous mole

Of all the varieties of nevi most dangerous from the point of view of developing melanoma is considered to be the so-called boundary nevus.It looks like a flat or slightly convex spot with clear boundaries dark brown, dark gray or even black.The surface does not have such a nevus nodular, and smooth, and it does not grow hair.Today, doctors prefer to delete such nevi, not waiting

until they are reborn into the tumor.

Risk Factors

believed that most contribute to the transformation of a nevus into a melanoma following factors:

  • active insolation under the open sun or in the solarium;
  • trauma of the area on which the nevi (especially dangerous soles of the feet area, the genitals and the anus);
  • hormonal factors, which no one is able to predict and prevent.

Ultraviolet radiation, according to doctors, contributes to the development of melanoma on the exposed parts of the body that people just substitute the sun's rays to produce chocolate tan.

growth of melanoma

Anyway, nevus is transformed into melanoma, which begins to grow at the same time deep into the skin and underlying tissues under the skin, to the side and upwards, that is beginning to rise above the level of the skin.The tumor metastasizes rapidly to nearby tissues and through the lymph and blood flow - in the internal organs.

How it looks

Nevus now looks like a proliferating, almost black, towering above the skin pigment spot with ragged irregular edges and glossy surfaces or even as a small rash of dark brown or black mole around.Typical complaints of patients with melanoma - the local-burning pain, itching, ulceration, wet crusts, sometimes bleeding.

When going to the doctor

Ideally, each of us must come to an oncologist with the preventive purpose - to examine the type of their moles and the presence of hazardous - to remove them in advance.If you see that some of them change color, growing, hurts, becomes wet, bleeding - to the doctor is necessary to run immediately.All this is an indication for immediate hospitalization and surgery, which can be successful if it is to spend time.

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