Psoriasis Treatment and important information

Psoriasis Treatment and important information
psoriasis - a disease that affects more than 150 million people worldwide.How is the treatment of psoriasis.

dermatosis or skin diseases, nails, hair, have a variety of manifestations.Psoriasis - one of the most common and severe chronic non-communicable diseases of the skin.

«Why do I have psoriasis?" - A question that is not answered.There are many hypotheses about the occurrence of the disease, but none accepted as basic.As always in such cases, talk about the role of hereditary factors, as evidenced by long-term observations, however, the gene responsible for the occurrence of psoriasis has not yet been identified.

In most cases, hereditary psoriasis is found in childhood.However, in mature people who have never suffering from skin diseases, psoriasis may develop.According to scientists, the transferred bacterial and viral infections are capable of changing human genetic apparatus, ensuring Activity "psoriasis gene".

Psoriasis: what is really going on?

Since psoriasis - a skin disease, for a

n understanding of the disease processes need to remember what kind of body - the skin.

skin - the largest organ of the human body to an area of ​​two square meters.Every three to four weeks upper third layer of the skin - the epidermis - updated.In psoriasis, the skin tries to update every three to four days, with new cells do not have time to ripen in a high speed update mode, respectively, they can not function properly.As a consequence - the broken function of the skin, worsening the appearance.

Psoriasis: what it looks like?

Psoriasis has many faces, and produce several types of diseases with certain symptoms for each of them.The raised areas of the skin is red, covered loosely adjacent crust flaky silvery hue, are the "classic" symptom of psoriasis.

Typically, these plaques appear on the knees, elbows, hands, feet and in the lumbar region.Approximately 90% of psoriasis patients have this symptom.If breaks or peeling skin peeling off completely, then there are small bleeding in the area of ​​these places.

Often psoriatic plaques (thickened, scaly, crusty) cover the scalp.We polish, as skin appendages, also disrupted the normal state, especially in severe forms of psoriasis.They appear tiny dimples, they fade, the end of the nail may separate from the nail bed.

Psoriasis: treatment

for chronic disease characterized by undulating course, so patients with psoriasis may feel significantly better and worse.Periods of improvement (remission) and relapse (relapse) may be spontaneous or caused by psoriasis treatment conducted or external factors.Alcohol, stress, excessive sun exposure, infectious diseases can cause a flare of psoriasis.

course of the disease and the result of the therapy, unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how and severity of psoriasis in the future.Even one patient lesion area in the period of remission and exacerbation may be very different from the unit of local lesions to fully cover the entire body psoriatic plaques.Untreated psoriasis progresses over time, capturing all the new skin.

Although psoriasis - a skin disease in 10-15% of patients with psoriasis with prolonged duration can cause inflammation of the joints - psoriatic arthropathy, or psoriatic arthritis.

To date, there is no way of medicine and means get rid of psoriasis once and for all.Due to the nature of the disease - a chronic and recurrent, prone to progression, treatment of psoriasis is a serious medical problem.On top of that psoriasis tends to increase the incidence of, and increase the number of resistant forms of treatment, which in many respects difficult to choose a rational and effective pharmacotherapy.Usually, treatment is carried out in a complex, including therapy:

  • medication - topical (ointment, creams, relieves pain and itching) and systemic (Targeted agents based on monoclonal antibodies, anti-allergic, hormonal preparations).The choice of pharmacotherapy depends on psoriasis stages, as well as the toxicity and severity of side effects of medications,
  • hardware (photosensitivity - irradiation),
  • konginitno behavioral, helping to cope with the psychological discomfort, stress, depression and social phobia, experiencing patients.

Speaking about the treatment of psoriasis, doctors are meant to achieve long-term remission.Although the risk of relapse is always there, it is possible to achieve stable, even life improvement, however, the path to it long.For best results, it is not recommended to run a disease, do not give up: it can lead to severe exacerbations of the disease, including the complete defeat of the skin.

Psoriasis: the quality of life

Given that psoriasis - a chronic relapsing disease, occurring with varying degrees of severity, the question is how to live, work and love with this disease ... In the period of exacerbation of psoriasis patients may experience intense itching or painthat complicates even daily care of themselves, prevent full sleep.Eruption on exposed parts of the body (face, hands, head), psoriatic plaques can cause psychological distress, social isolation of the patient.

Some professions, sports can become an unattainable dream for the psoriasis patients, as well as the device personal life.Concerns about appearance, low self-esteem and fear of rejection in these patients may develop into an obsession, cause deep depression and social phobia, reducing the subjective quality of life.For this reason, these patients need psychological support, taking anitidepressantov and regular psychotherapy sessions.

treatment, no matter how long, difficult and costly it may be, - the only way of life of these patients.Although psoriasis is almost incurable, improve the condition and improve their quality of life - possible.Today there are many techniques, from "people" to the author, with which you can achieve good results.Throw stress and depression - they only aggravate your condition!

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