Nail fungus on their hands : the symptoms

Nail Fungus on your hands begins after the settlement fungal infection of the skin of hands (athlete's foot), often by hand.

On a skin under the influence of some factors (temperature, mechanical impact, inappropriate treatment of primary lesions on the feet, and others.) Allergic rash on the type of weeping eczema.Formed limited reddish disc, dotted with many small bubbles with clear content, which burst to form a weeping erosive surface, surrounded by a rim of the bursting of the bubble.There are characteristic symptoms of the fungal process: peeling in the form of rounded erosions with clear boundaries, podzhivaet center, surrounded by a border peeling of the stratum corneum.The whole process is accompanied by itching.The defeat of this type of fungus usually begins in the summer when sweating, inadequate obsushivaniya interdigital spaces after bathing promote the introduction of the fungus.nail infections are mainly starts at 1 and 5 with the fingers of the free edge.The nail gradually thickened, y

ellow and formed a jagged edge.The most common symptoms of nail fungus on his hands testify to the secondary chamber, the main and primary focus is the stop loss.

cause of nail fungus on the hands can be another group of fungi causing rubrofitii, which is characterized by dry mukovidnye peeling of the skin feet and hands, and education in the thickness of the nail grayish-yellow spots and stripes, gradually occupying the entire nail.From the described species of nail fungus helps pills Nizoral 1 tablet per day for 3-6 months, depending on the extent of damage.When moist processes first outer lead anti-inflammatory treatment, and then at the final stage outdoor treatment used antifungal solutions and ointments (mikoseptin, Mikozolon).During the treatment it is important to comply with milk-vegetable diet and ensure proper bowel function.When dry fungal processes peeled thickened areas of the skin, if necessary, remove the affected nails, nail beds are treated with antifungal ointments and liquids.At the same time appointed interior ketoconazole (Nizoral) tablets.

In recent years, widespread group of fungal infections caused by yeast fungi of the genus Candida, which normally inhabit the healthy skin and mucous membranes.The emergence of diseases from fungi of the genus Candida is largely dependent on the state of the body, it provoke any disease, reduced immunity, frequent use of antibiotics, as well as injuries and abrasions of the skin and mucous membranes.Candidiasis affect the skin, nails, all the organs and tissues.Candidiasis nail ridges and nails more often affects women, traumatic nail rollers at manicure process, as well as suffering from thrush.If fungal infection nail rolls red and swollen, nadnogtevaya the skin (cuticle) is absent, and nails become brownish-gray color with a rough surface.From this nail fungus treatment helps fluconazole (Diflazon, Diflucan, Mikosist, Flucostat).Diflazon appoint 1kapsule 150mg 1 time a week for 3-4 months or more to complete regrowth of healthy nails.At the same time carry out external treatment, each time with soap and launder affected nails (or rasparivaya), and then gently spilivaya or scraping the surface of the nail plate to absorb the drug.On the prepared nail applied nitrofungin clotrimazole or liquid, and then the ointment.Ointment for the treatment of nail fungus - clotrimazole, low sensitivity to her move to Mikospor.

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