Hepatitis A : The disease of dirty hands

Hepatitis A : The disease of dirty hands
In what appears hepatitis A, as they can be caught and whether it is necessary to treat it.

Hepatitis A or Botkin's disease - the most common of all viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis A. Epidemiology

virus is spread in places with hot climates and poor sanitation.The highest incidence - in Central Asia.

How does

infection mechanism of contamination - fecal-oral.In most cases, hepatitis A can be picked up at the use of unwashed food or contaminated water.The virus is released into the environment through the feces of the sick person.Accordingly, the catch can be anywhere.Most often affects children who have bad hygiene routines.

Hepatitis A. Development

disease virus entering the body, easy to pass the acidic environment of the stomach, enters the intestine, and then absorbed by the blood stream and reaches the liver, where it attacks the cells - hepatocytes.Propagation of virus particles occurs in the cytoplasm of these cells.Then the virus is released together with bile, thus falling into the human


cells of the immune system attack the infected hepatocytes, causing their death.Develops inflammation of the liver - hepatitis A.

clinical picture of hepatitis A

Since the incubation period lasts 30 days, the first symptoms appear about a month after infection.

It starts usually with a general malaise and high temperature.They may also disturb nausea and vomiting, heaviness in the right upper quadrant.The main diagnostic criterion - the appearance of jaundice.It includes dark urine, sclera and skin yellowing, feces thus loses color.

In the analysis of blood revealed antibodies to hepatitis A.

diagnosis of hepatitis A

Diagnosis is based on the general physical examination, assessment of urine and stool color.

And shall the blood of the general analysis, biochemical composition and the presence of antibodies to hepatitis A.

Treatment of hepatitis A

Treatment against Botkin's disease is not carried out.The body itself to cope with the virus.The patient was given only ancillary drugs that reduce toxicity and support the body vitamins, gepatoprotektory, dezitoksikatsionnye solutions, glucose.Also, doctors prescribe an appropriate diet.

prognosis of hepatitis A favorable.Liver function after an illness recover completely, and formed lasting life-long immunity to the disease.

Prevention of hepatitis A

nonspecific prevention is good hygiene, especially in hot weather, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables.Not for nothing is called hepatitis A disease of dirty hands.You can become infected simply without washing their hands before eating.

For specific prevention there is a vaccine against hepatitis A. It can be administered to children after three years, not previously bolevshim adults, people with high risk of infection: health care workers, teachers, salesmen in the market, chefs, people with chronic liver disease, as well as thosewho go to countries with a high incidence of hepatitis A.

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