Fungus toenails : signs

Symptoms of nail fungus on the feet are usually visible to the naked eye, invisible only recently emerged fungal infection that has not yet developed symptoms.

nail, struck by a fungus, it looks dull, dirty or has a yellowish-gray color, irregular, scalloped edge, a thickened nail plate.Such a nail is fragile and brittle, it can crack and crumble in length.Gradually, she shortened the length of the nail.In most cases, the fungus first settles on the skin of the foot, and then transferred to the nails.Symptoms of fungal skin lesions, too visible, they appear as flaking oval shapes and sections of strongly thickened chapped skin.Depending on the kind of fungus may be inflamed skin with weeping, or vice versa, with a powdery dry desquamation in skin furrows.

Treatment of foot and nail fungus should be comprehensive - this is a guarantee of its success.More Alive old treatments used 20 years ago, with the help of iodine, sulfur-salicylic ointment and griseofulvin.If it affects only smooth skin lesions sme

ared with iodine in the morning and in the evening - the sulfur-salicylic ointment for two weeks, that is, until the complete disappearance of the lesions.Simultaneously antifungal antibiotic administered griseofulvin tablets based 22mg per 1 kg body weight daily for 20-25 days.

Treatment of toe nail fungus with iodine is also allowed, with the steam out nails and scraped, or use special means for peeling the nail.After cleaning the nail bed smeared with iodine to the regrowth of new nails.Such a treatment is very painful and there is practically not used.Currently fungus treated without removing the nails, except in certain cases.The most popular treatment regimen - Rumikoz drugs and Lamisil.Rumikoz administered in the form of pulse therapy, i.e. po200mg 2 times a day for 7 days, then quenched reception on day 21, after which again is followed by seven reception interval of the drug.The seven-day course of treatment should be at least three.Lamisil appoint 250 mg once daily for 3-6 months.

Simultaneously with the reception of an antifungal agent is carried out local treatment of lesions.The choice of drug is also dependent on the type of fungus pathogen.In many cases, the solution in the form of Lamisil cream, gel, spray, otherwise use Nizoral cream mikoseptin or mikospor.However, clinical experience has shown that the most versatile ekzoderil (solution and cream), which are sensitive almost all kinds of nail fungus.Recommended for treatment of nail ekzoderil both forms of the drug twice a day as a solution penetrates deeper cream provides a more prolonged effect.Before applying the nails should be cleaned and dried thoroughly.Exoderil well into the various layers of the skin and nails in sufficient concentrations for antifungal activity.Skin preparation is applied 1 time a day.Exoderil can be called the best cream from nail fungus.

After treatment to prevent re-infection, you can use other antifungal ointment, such as terbinafine, mikoseptin (more democratic by value), especially when visiting the sauna, fitness club, or having been a guest.Afraid to get a pedicure at a nail fungus, use clotrimazole ointment immediately after the procedure and within a few days.

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