Treatment of epilepsy : an experimental method

Treatment of epilepsy : an experimental method
when standard therapy does not work, have the support of neurosurgery.

According to doctors, about 1 million patients diagnosed with "epilepsy" does not respond to treatment with anti-epileptic drugs.Other treatments may be brain surgery, but it can not be shown in all patients.

new word in the treatment of epilepsy

A study conducted by a professor of neurology, Dr. Christopher DiGeorge, designed to prove that a serious disease epilepsy is not a sentence.Dr. DiGeorge studied the method of transcutaneous stimulation of the trigeminal nerve.Doctors have suggested that this nerve is involved in the occurrence and suppression of epileptic seizures.

Speaking at the XI Conference in Miami (Florida, USA), Dr. DiGeorge said the results of the second phase of clinical trials of new treatments.According to him 40% of patients who underwent stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, reduced the number of attacks.

experimental method is What?

nerve stimulation is performed using a small external generator, wh

ich looks like a small cell phone.It is attached to the patient's belt or placed in a pocket.Wires from it under the clothes can not be seen.They are drawn to the special lining on the forehead.

electrodes transmit a signal to the trigeminal nerve."Stimulation of the trigeminal nerve is not harmful to the brain," - says Dr. DiGeorge.

The study

Clinical trials of a new method proved that at the end of the 18-week study, 40% of patients noted in his diary that the frequency and the number of attacks declined."We proved that this method works well, but is subject to strict medical supervision.The fact that 40% of the patients noticed the improvement captures.Success encourages further work! "- Rejoices author of the study.

Doctors also noted that participants in the experiment significantly improved mood and overall health.This is also an important result because depression - a common problem for all people with a diagnosis of "epilepsy".The discovery of a new method of treatment, at least, improve their quality of life.

«I urge all physicians to pay attention to our non-invasive and safe approach.This may lead to the fact that in the future patients will be able to implant the device for the treatment of drug-resistant forms of epilepsy, "- concludes Dr. DiGeorge.

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