Injury of the anterior cruciate ligament

Injury of the anterior cruciate ligament
Where is the anterior cruciate ligament injury, and why its so dangerous to health.

anterior cruciate ligament located inside the knee joint and connects the tibia and the femur.At the posterior cruciate ligament, it restricts the mobility of the knee joint in the anterior-posterior direction.

Injury anterior cruciate ligament occur quite often.Sometimes people may not even notice the damage immediately.But it lasts exactly as long as the bones in the knee joint begin to rub together, causing pain.Untreated

knee gradually lose their mobility, there effacement bone and meniscal jamming occurs, which in turn may lead to osteoarthritis.

Causes of injury of anterior cruciate ligament

The most common is a dislocation of the knee.Also, the reason can be a blow to the knee, which often occurs during playing football or contact sports.

Bunch can break and a failed landing.In addition, the anterior cruciate ligament weakens with age, and therefore, increases the risk of damage.

How do you know that
torn ligament

  • crunch in the knee;
  • knee pain (especially while walking);
  • swollen knee in the first hours after the injury (can also be a symptom of intra-articular bleeding);
  • limited mobility of the knee.

However, definitive diagnosis can only be made a doctor.Perhaps this will require x-rays (in the case when it is suspected damage to the bone or cartilage knee) or arthroscopy.During arthroscopy, the doctor inserts through small incisions in the knee surgical instruments, to review the state of the inside of the knee.

Treatment of injury of anterior cruciate ligament

Firstly, do not start the process.Begin treatment as soon as you feel discomfort in the knee.

Here are a few options for first aid:

  • make ice;
  • fix knee elastic bandage;
  • as little as possible to strain the injured leg;
  • take painkillers.

Do not self-medicate.Remember that only a specialist can relieve pain.

If the injury is serious, have to walk on crutches, if moderate severity - a few days in the fixing bandage.

After the first pain dies down, there comes a stage of rehabilitation, which includes special training for the return of knee mobility.(It is possible that in the course of treatment may require surgery, then rehabilitation will take a little more time - from several weeks to several months.)

duration and intensity of treatment depends on the following factors: the degree of severity of the injury, the degree of normal activity, age,health and prescription of injury.

How to prevent injury to the anterior cruciate ligament

best way - regularly stretch and strengthen the leg muscles (especially the thigh muscles) and hamstrings.

Also, try not to wear football boots and shoes with high thin heels.

Avoid contact sports.

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