Children dermatitis

Children dermatitis is a common name for all forms of inflammation of the skin due to exposure to various factors it chemical or physical nature.

Children allergic dermatitis occurs by direct contact with the skin substances that provoke an allergic reaction of the delayed type (delayed time).Such substances may be drugs, cosmetics and perfumes, natural or artificial fabrics, and others.Despite the fact that the allergen concerns a limited area of ​​skin, the whole body oversensitivity arises.A few days later on-site contact the skin reddens, swells, bubbles appear.Some bubbles burst, creating a moist areas.Unlike simple contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis is stronger and spreads on skin areas that come into contact with the allergen.The longer the contact with an irritating substance, the greater may be the manifestation of the disease, severe itching, pain and burning.

Children atopic dermatitis often begins in early childhood, as a result of a diathesis.In recent years, it is believed t

hat the main cause of the disease - in a hereditary predisposition.In young children, the disease begins with an introduction to the power of new products, ranging from foods.Breast milk gradually fades into the background and replaced with another food that the child's body does not always perceive.This is the most dangerous age (from three months) for the occurrence of children's atopic dermatitis.Itchy rash usually appears on the scalp, the neck and the face, on the extensor surfaces of the hands and feet, sometimes - on the trunk.Sometimes the disease is in the early years of a child's life, and if it is, it becomes resistant over or transferred to the children's eczema.In adolescence, a rash characterized by not only the flexor surfaces and on the hands and ankles, on the earlobes or lips.

Children seborrheic dermatitis is considered almost a "natural" at an early age, when on the scalp dry flakes appear whitish color, which are rejected.These scales deliver a lot of trouble in the care of the baby, as you have to comb their comb after bathing, and then lubricate the cleaned scalp moisturizing baby cream.The cause of seborrheic dermatitis of children lies in the immaturity of metabolic reactions in the subcutaneous layer, as well as the prevalence of growth functions for which sometimes do not have time to rest.In this case, there is a view of the reduced function of the sebaceous glands, resulting in dry hair and skin, exfoliate dead skin particles in the form of flakes, hair tips break off.The mainstay of treatment is the proper care and nutrition.

There is another form of dermatitis of children - children pelёnochny dermatitis.Here, the name speaks for itself, since the cause is improper maintenance of the child in diapers, and diapers.In fact it is contact dermatitis, which brings a lot of suffering, and the kid is characterized by damage to the skin cells in the form of abrasions, diaper rash, and rash.It occurs due to friction of clothes (diapers) when moving, sweating due to high ambient temperatures, poor obsushivaniya creasing after washing, long child content in the spent, wet diaper, excessive wrapping newborns.Without treatment, the disease can spread throughout the body and complicated by infection.The main treatment is the proper care and maintenance.

treatment of any child dermatitis begins with proper care, nutrition and search cause of the disease.If the symptoms of the disease are mild, softly, then, eliminating contact with an allergen or irritant, it is possible to do the treatment by external means.In more severe cases, prescribe medication.Affected skin is washed with hydrogen peroxide or a pink solution of potassium permanganate, then pat dry, applied ointment (advantan, Elokim - in atopic dermatitis, fenistil, Psili balzam- with others).In moist areas of erosive impose anti-bacterial bandages (chlorhexidine solutions furatsillina).If the itching is very strong and prevents the child sleep, the first time prescribed hormonal ointments and creams.If possible, keep the affected skin closed, avoid clothing made of synthetic materials.Treatment of children's dermatitis - a lengthy process and requires patience.

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