Dermatitis on the face : treatment

dermatitis on the face may occur when any of its forms: seborrheic, allergic, atopic or contact.Let us briefly examine each of them, as well as the general principles of their treatment.

treatment of seborrheic dermatitis on the face is different from the treatment of other forms of the above, as characterized by the nature of the disease.Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic disease caused by a yeast-like fungi of saprophytic flora that lives on our skin is normal.Under certain conditions, the balance in this flora is disturbed, the fungus begins to multiply rapidly and release the products of their metabolism, leading to the disease.Characteristic symptoms: redness and inflamed rash, accompanied by scaling and itching, usually symmetrical involved skin in the nasolabial folds, mustache or beard, eyebrows, around the ears, on the border of the hair growth.For oily seborrheic dermatitis skin shines from an excess of sebum, especially the nose and nasolabial fold area, the mouth of the sebaceous glands are

clogged acne comedones as the stoppers.In seborrheic dermatitis, dry flakes are formed due to the dryness of the skin.These forms are often both (mixed form).

most successful treatment is ketoconazole, inhibits the fungus it as a shampoo (the foam) is applied to the face washed by 2-3 minutes and wash off.After that, when applied to a low degree lesions ketoconazole cream 2%, and in more severe cases, cause the ointment of hydrocortisone 1% - 2 times a day course.Long-term use of hormonal ointments on your face is not recommended, as they can cause skin atrophy.If there are pockets with weeping, it's good to handle fukortsinom, wipe salicylic alcohol, soda solution or sodium thiosulfate.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis on the face is carried out just as in the body, but with a small correction in the care.Important in the treatment of an allergen to determine and eliminate the patient's contact with him.If the picture of the disease is expressed softly, the only external treatment hormonal creams or emulsions can be carried out (Belosalik, Celestoderm, Elokim, Advantan).In more severe cases, prescribe antihistamines (suprastin, erius, Telfast, etc..) Inside, as well as calcium supplements and sorbents (Polyphepanum, enterosgel).If skin lesions are very strong, need urgent help.

peculiar allergic dermatitis is fotodermatit that arises in contact with sunlight, and provoke his intake of certain drugs (sulfonamides, antihistamines), Ichthyol corticosteroids for prolonged outdoor use and substances contained in the cosmetic, perfume or detergents.In the case of destruction red border disease called cheilitis.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis on the face requires a surgical approach to avoid the uncontrolled expansion of skin lesions.This form of dermatitis is often come from childhood, so the patient is aware of the required activities.How can you need to quickly remove the allergen from the patient's environment.Required receiving antihistamines (suprastin, pipolfen, diphenhydramine) and the subsequent long-term treatment zaditenom.Hormonal preparations and injections into currently used only in severe cases.If exacerbation occurred against a background of nervous stress, overwork, it is assigned sedative (calming) therapy.In acute redness occurs first, then the skin Moisture, after which the skin becomes dry again.For

prone skin rashes recommended only lean means not plugging the pores (lotions, gels, sprays, lotions), and wipe the face antiseptic liquids (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, salicyl alcohol, 1%).Decisive for the treatment of dermatitis on the face are not only medication, but also hypoallergenic diet, healthy sleep, fresh air and proper care.If necessary, a dermatologist will help determine the priorities.

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