Ureteroscopy : what it is

Ureteroscopy : what it is
In urological practice a variety of techniques used for visual inspection of the urogenital system.For the diagnosis of pathologies of the urethra (the urethra) in men and women use a special method of examination - cystoscopy.

Ureteroscopy used for a long time, since the beginning of the twentieth century, but its relevance and information content is not lost.This method allows you to see the changes that are not available for inspection and other inspection techniques.It is used today.But tools and techniques today stepped forward significantly, significantly reduce the discomfort of the procedure.

As shown ureteroscopy

This method of research used for certain indications.During the ureteroscopy can differentiate processes such as cancer of the urethra and its foreign body, as well as to confirm or refute the suspicion of tuberculosis, syphilis, genital candidiasis or herpetic lesion of the urethra, which appeared in preliminary laboratory and instrumental examinations.

When the feeling of the u

rethra, where it introduced the device tube, the doctor can detect small infiltrates around the urethra (accumulation of inflammatory tissue).Can also be found a special process - urethral adenitis closed type - if there is a blockage of the glands in the urethra.

Also during endoscopy can be easily and quickly identify these lesions in the mucous membrane of the urethra, as the granulation and erosion, degeneration of the epithelium of the urethra gland inflammation processes and its lacunae, the defeat in the field of the seminal bumps, swelling and constriction of the urethra.

So, the main indications for ureteroscopy are:

  • urethral foreign body;
  • chronic urethritis;
  • ulcers and tumors of the urethra;
  • cysts or urethral diverticula.

cystoscopy prohibited conduct If there is an acute process.

With ureteroscopy can also be performed and certain medical manipulations - electrocoagulation or lubrication seed tubercle lapis, you can remove foreign bodies and take a biopsy.

Carrying ureteroscopy: as it happens

Before the procedure, the purpose of the prevention of infection is carried out once the prophylactic administration of antibiotics.The procedure is done without anesthesia, but in children, and in some patients, local anesthesia can be used.The unit is treated with an anesthetic and a slip agent when administered.

To study used two types of cystoscopy systems - cystoscopy Valentine, having a central lighting, irrigation, or cystoscopy Goldschmidt.The procedure involved the doctor and nurse assisting.

patient must empty the bladder, and to undress, and then lie down on a special chair on his back with divorced and raised legs, bending at the knees.Doctor is located between the patient's feet and picks up a tube the size of the device, which safely pass through the narrowest part of the urethra - its external opening that is pre-treated with special antiseptic substance.

barrel smeared with glycerine and very delicately introduced into the urethra to the external sphincter zone.To view the male posterior urethra, a tube will enter deeper overcoming sphincter and tilting it at a particular angle.

After the introduction of the tube to the required length of it was removed by a special internal unit and in its place introduce desiccant packs, and then the optics and light.

cystoscopy is performed from the back of the urethra (the depth of) the front, looking at its structure step by step.

results ureteroscopy

doctor examines step by step all the departments of the urethra, comparing what he saw a picture of a normal urethra structure and noting any deviations from the norm.

normal urethral mucosa moist and shiny.Deep pink outer part is closer to - white and yellow.When you change the color or structure of the doctor carefully captures all the revealed violations to establish the diagnosis.

After the procedure, all of the device system is thoroughly washed and sterilized, store the instrument in a sterile environment, so worry about the infection if it is not necessary procedure.

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