What if the aching legs

The problem of leg pain familiar to many, and among them women - in the vast majority.It is known that beauty requires sacrifice, that women and sacrifice, preferring high-heeled shoes.

When the load on the spine, joints and feet increases hundreds of times, provokes the development of arthritis, deformity.Obesity is also a challenge for strong joints, including the feet.Prolonged standing on his feet, as well as the wrong shoes without arch supports, contribute strain on the ligaments and muscles of the foot and the development of flatfoot (and "seed").In addition, all of these reasons violate the circulation, causing venous congestion, adding to the pain feeling of heaviness in the legs.

How to help remove the feet and leg fatigue after a working day?Remove the pain in the legs help contrasting the bath.To do this, spray the foot is cold, the hot water several times, finishing with cold water procedure.Then apply a cooling gel containing Menthol (Finalgel gel Evening leg cooling, etc.) And lie down

with your feet placed up for 15-20 minutes.Moreover, Finalgel will not only cool, but also an analgesic effect because it contains the drug.

In many cases, helps massager with spikes or needles, it tones the muscles of the foot and lower leg, eliminating the pain.There are various models of massagers for home treatment.Good to go home on mats imitating stones (or make from natural stone itself), the foot arch gradually strengthened and becomes normal.

have pet owners, there is another way to ease their pain - to entrust the care of their feet the cat!In recent years, even appeared term: animaloterapiya, i.e. treatment with animals.Scientists have shown a pronounced clinical effect of animaloterapiya in various diseases, including - in diseases and injuries of the legs.There are cases when the cat was helping to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system in paralyzed patients.It is proved that cats treated osteochondrosis, arthritis, bone fractures.

Cat attracts anomalous energy inflamed or damaged organ, like a mystical animal absorbs negative energy.Cat accurately locates the sore spot, even when a person does not feel it yet.By the way, the cat purring occurs in the range 20-50 Hz, similar to ultrasound treatment has a therapeutic effect on people, strengthens bones and increases their growth.Feline therapy acts on the human body versatile.Science has proven that the owners of cats are living longer than 4-5 years and rarely go to the doctor.

If you're not a fan of cats and feet hurt when walking and in the evening, you will need to fall in love with gymnastics and massage for the feet.It is better to combine a favorite or recommended by a doctor set of gymnastics with foot massager.Pain relief can be achieved finalgelem or bystrumgelem they contain boleutolyayushee and anti-inflammatory agent.Bystrumgel has no cooling effect.

give only one exercise for the feet of relaxation and pain relief.While standing, grasp the ankle and back slowly tighten the hand with the foot to the buttocks.So stand 20 seconds.Change the pace.You can not even taking off his shoes.

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