As suspected diabetes at 10 the earliest signs

As suspected diabetes at 10 the earliest signs
This serious disease, like diabetes, it can be recognized at the beginning and do not miss valuable time for treatment.Note the early signs of diabetes.

If you find at least a few of the signs listed below, be sure to consult a doctor to make simple tests for the diagnosis of diabetes.

1. You were more likely to go to the toilet

In diabetes, the body tries to get rid of the excess amount of sugar in the blood and makes it including urine. As a result, the need to urinate more often occur.

especially wary worth it if you start to wake up several times at night to go to the toilet.1-2 times per night are the norm, if often - it is an alarm signal.

2. You have increased thirst

If you often find yourself usually what you want to drink at the same thirst is not related to hot weather or spicy food, this feature can also talk about starting diabetes.

The worst thing is that the sharply emerging thirst quenches people often do not water, and sugary drinks - soda, juice, sweet tea or coffee.So the

problem is only getting worse.

3. You lost weight

Talking about the risk of diabetes, usually remember about overweight.But on the early stages of the disease he says, on the contrary, unfounded weight loss.

you eat roughly as before, too, was no more physical activity, but you've lost a few kilos.It is possible that the reason for that - diabetes.The fact that a person loses a lot of water from frequent urination, plus the calories of sugar absorbed poorly.

4. Do you often feel like hungry to shiver

Many once in my life felt so hungry that the whole body was shaking shiver.In diabetes, the feeling is pretty typical and is not associated with an objective so intense hunger.

Hunger occurs very suddenly and immediately are very strong.This is because the body has difficulty in regulation of blood glucose levels.

5. You constantly feel tired

When a person has diabetes constant fatigue.This happens because the calories from food, inefficiently processed into energy.This feeling of lethargy, constant fatigue and apathy is growing gradually as diabetes develops.

6. You have become grouchy and moody

swings in blood sugar levels and lead to psychological problems.You get irritated over trifles, offended and grumble at the slightest pretext.Everything new is perceived by you in arms, and most of all want to see no one touched.

It often happens that a person is being treated for depression for a long time, and then he is diagnosed with diabetes, and the beginning of the treatment, all the symptoms of depression go away.

7. Do you have any vision problems

For the initial stages of diabetes is characterized by a very blurred vision.It is difficult to focus the mind, like blurred vision.This happens because glucose builds up in the eye by changing its parameters.Once you start treatment for diabetes, this symptom gradually come to naught.

8. You are very slow to heal cuts and scrapes, falls

hair immune system begins to experience glitches when blood sugar levels are high.Therefore, simple cuts heal much longer than you are used to.

In diabetes, the hair growth cycle, which is directly connected with the peculiarities of metabolism is disrupted.The hair becomes brittle, weak, grow very slowly and fall more than usual

9. You feel tingling in the hands and feet, appeared itching

Diabetes causes nerve damage easily, which is why there is a slight numbness, mostly legs andhands.It expressed the feeling of tingling, because of which the arms and legs pulling massage, knead.

Itching in diabetes is associated with a numbness, which has already been mentioned above, and with the development of fungal infections.

10. You become more prone to infections of the genital and urinary tract

High sugar levels creates a more attractive breeding ground for bacteria, which live in the genital and urinary channels.After prolechivaniya infection very quickly reappear.This is a definite reason to get tested for diabetes.

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