Herpes on the lips : Symptoms

Symptoms of herpes virus-specific, so a man who came across them, recognize them easily.

disease herpes simplex virus occurs acutely, on the site of future eruptions appear red, slightly swollen spot on which there is itching, tingling and sometimes pain.After 1-2 days there are a group size of a small pea bubbles filled with a watery fluid.After 3-4 days blisters dry up to form crusts loose.Gradually crusts fall off and the disease is completed in 1-2 weeks.Sometimes it is a painful swelling of the lymph nodes.Some patients notice malaise, muscle pain, chills, fever.

Favourite localization of herpes simplex are the areas around the orifices: wings of the nose, corners of the mouth and red border of the lips, genitals.Usually, rashes appear in the same places.Depending on the location, severity of injury, and the inclination to relapse identify several clinical forms of herpes simplex.Herpes under the nose (around the nostrils, wings of the nose), one of the favorite places of the virus rashes.

Initial rashes appear with the inner edge of the nostrils, on the mucous membrane.However, they are often accompanied by pain, stress, and shrinking crust interfere with the normal nasal breathing.It is necessary to handle the nasal mucosa with hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate pink, and only then to apply medical ointment acyclovir or fenistil pentsivir cotton swab.Subsequent relapse contribute to the spread of lesions on the outside of the nostrils and on the wings of the nose.Before the eruption of the tip of the nose or nose wing becomes dense, with low sensitivity ( "some foreign"), sometimes itching or tingling.If at this moment to begin treatment, the rash of bubbles there will be no treatment is short (1-2 days).

symptoms of herpes on the lips is the same as that of the nose, but the lip skin is more delicate and rich in receptors of nerve endings, so the disease is more painful and unpleasant.In addition, while eating or talking, lip skin breaks it provokes a new rash of herpes vesicles and delays healing.During relapse herpes is extremely contagious, it is the peak of its activity.Herpes is transmitted through kissing, when speaking at close range by airborne droplets, through direct contact with sick household items (towel, cosmetics, etc.), As well as sexually.

relapses (repeated eruptions) Herpes can occur through any periods of time with the weakening of immunity as a result of hypothermia, overheating, skin trauma, the presence of foci of chronic infection, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.Women recurrent rash may be related to the menstrual period.Pause rash bubbles sometimes possible by applying a few minutes cotton swab with alcohol or freeze-chloroethyl.Peroxide also suspend rash, but when it inevitably formed crust.The most reliable option to carry Fenistil pentsivir, modern facility, specially designed for the treatment of cold sores on the lips.

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