9 awkward questions that you hesitate to ask your doctor

9 awkward questions that you hesitate to ask your doctor
Everyone knows that the doctor does not need to be ashamed of.Nevertheless, many people feel uncomfortable in the discussion of certain issues.We have prepared answers to some of the "shameful" issues.

1. Why sore nipples

The issue of concern to many women, but not all realize to what is necessary to address the doctor.

In most cases the pain is reason enough harmless: this cyclic fluctuation of hormones during the menstrual cycle.A few days before the beginning of menstruation increases in blood progesterone and prolactin content, which causes fluid retention, breast swelling, tension and pain in it.

nerve endings in the breast are compressed, which causes pain in the nipples.Since the beginning of the monthly level of hormones decreases, and the pain goes away.

Sometimes pain in the nipple and breast can be an early sign of pregnancy.

Sometimes the pain in the nipples can be connected with taking hormonal contraceptives.In this case, you should consult a gynecologist and possibly change the me


possible pathological causes of pain in the nipples: inflammation, tumors in the breast or endocrine disorders.Ably can understand only the doctor - mammologist or endocrinologist.

2. Is it possible to have sex during menstruation

Actually gynecologists do not recommend sex in those days, because it increases the risk of bleeding and infection in the uterus.

fact that during menstruation cervix softens slightly ajar and, because of which the vaginal infection is much easier to penetrate into the uterus and cause inflammation.

particularly high risk for women with chronic inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

However, an outright ban on sex during menstruation, doctors do not impose.

3. Why itchy anus

reasons for this embarrassing problem can be several.One of them - hemorrhoids or anal fissures.Also, fungi may cause itching (same yeast) and bacteria, allergic and skin diseases, and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, pancreatitis, and liver disease.

cause of anal itching can be worms.However, it is not necessary to self-medicate.In any case, we should start with a visit to the proctologist, which will help locate the source of the problem.

4. Why always want to use the toilet

If the urge to urinate become too frequent (more than 10 times a day), the reasons may be several.The most common of them - cystitis.Usually, it is accompanied by pain and sharp pain, but it may be asymptomatic.It is necessary to pass the urine test to identify infection.

Frequent urging may be an early sign of diabetes.If you have seen a few signs from this list, please refer to the endocrinologist and pass tests for diabetes.

Another problem may be overactive bladder.For the diagnosis and search for the causes of this condition is necessary to address to the urologist.

5. Why smell

hair with this vexing problem faced by many, and sometimes the smell is not associated with hygiene.The syndrome of bad-smelling hair gives the victim a strong discomfort: how often nor my head, the smell comes just a few hours.

Unfortunately, often the cause of this phenomenon is not entirely clear.First of all, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist to rule out diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp fungus.

Sometimes the cause may be hormonal disorders, including stress-related (overproduction of androgens).

6. Why are pimples on the buttocks

It's hard to complain dermatologist on such a delicate issue.Usually, the cause of the rash on the buttocks - poor ventilation, because this area is very rarely "walks", and poor blood circulation, because the pope, we usually sit.

Try to sleep without underwear and wearing synthetics.Avoid too tight clothing and periodically arrange workout.

If purulent acne, you should still consult a specialist - perhaps to blame for fungal or bacterial infection.

7. Because of what grow papilloma groin

Any papilloma caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), but they may be different.

genital warts are infected mainly through sexual contact, but infection can also occur in the home, using common household items.

These papillomas are usually located on the genitals - pubis, labia, in the foreskin of the penis, perineum and around the anus.Sometimes they can appear inside the vagina, on the cervix and testes.

Another type of papillomas - filamentous papillomavirus - is not associated with sexual contact.They most often occur in women during menopause and after, and sometimes in older men and young women with ovarian malfunction.Whisker papillomavirus genital organs do not arise.

Both papillomas removed surgically (using different methods) is often administered immunokorrektiruyuschaya therapy, although the HPV from the body it is impossible to remove.

8. Why is there blood in the stool

Bowel problems cause confusion in many patients, especially such a symptom as blood in the stool or on toilet paper.You should know that red blood speaks about the problems in the lower intestine, usually anal fissures and hemorrhoids, and dark - of bleeding in the upper sections.In any event, such treatment requires a symptom proctologist and sometimes colonoscopy passage.

Colonoscopy - a procedure unpleasant, in public health facilities do it without anesthesia, in commercial clinics at the request of the patient, it can be carried out under a light anesthetic - and it saves from the discomfort and embarrassment.

Before the procedure, you must carefully clean the intestines using enemas or special preparations (how to do it, tell the doctor).Colonoscopy is irreplaceable in the diagnosis of serious bowel diseases.

9. Why is sprayed urine

This question confuses many women.If that happened with you always, the reason lies in the anatomical features - for example, a sexual lip can be more than the other or the urethra forked, and then worry about.But if the symptoms appeared suddenly, you need to visit a urologist - perhaps in the urethra increased polyp.

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