Cold sores on the fingers

herpes Localization on the fingers is quite possible, though not typical, as the lips or on the genitals.Most often, cold sores on the fingers occurs as Herpetic Whitlow (damage to the nail bed and okolonogtevogo field).

disease is very painful.Treatment of Herpes on hands should be comprehensive: topically administered soda bath or with potassium permanganate, then ointment acyclovir, inside prescribe antiviral drugs (Valtrex, Famvir), non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Nise, ketorol), vitamins, and immunomodulators (amiksin, Lavomax, viferon).Upon accession of purulent infection antibtotiki prescribed, and in severe cases, surgery.

Normally blisters herpes lesions (recurrence) occur in the same places.This is because the live virus in the nerve ganglia, and during relapse descends nerves and nerve endings to the skin or mucosal site at which they are located.

In most cases, loss of fingers virus is due to the carelessness of the patients themselves, as the self-infection.The vials contain trill

ions of bodies of herpes virus, to a lesser extent they have and ulcers at the site of bubbles.After processing the therapeutic agents of herpes lesions on the lips, nose or on the genitals, it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.If you touch your hands hearth, you can not touch or scratch the other parts of the body, so as not to transfer the infection there.Infection contribute to microcracks in the skin, dry skin, bumps, various skin lesions.

That is, patients with herpes is contagious not only for others but for yourself.So there are new atypical localization of herpes that help him to mutate.For example, the "face" herpes can be accidentally transferred to the torso, arms, legs, genitals, and sexual or genital herpes easily take hold in the mouth, nose.In the event of a new outbreak of herpes primary course of taking antiviral drugs is extended to 10 days, as an attempt to eliminate it.

On-site healed foci may remain traces of herpes as red or brown spots, scars, modified circuit.These traces are difficult to treat.

herpes How to distinguish from other rashes?Visually, you can define the herpes virus by a characteristic pattern of lesions, and laboratory methods for the analysis of blood on PCR and microbiological tests of the contents of the bubbles.

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