Press Conference " Platinum Ounce 2014"

Press Conference " Platinum Ounce 2014"
Russian open competition "Platinum Ounce" for 15 years, remains a major prize pharmaceutical industry professionals.In April 2015 the main social event of the industry will meet the cream of the pharmaceutical market, because "Platinum Ounce" - a competition where the best determine what happened in the pharmaceutical industry over the last year.

Here will be named the best distributors, manufacturers, pharmacy chains, brands.But the competition is not only brings up the year, and outlines the future development of the vectors of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Nominations and Subnomination

1. Vector years

Project of the Year (based on application) - a project carried out in the past year, which had a positive impact on the pharmaceutical market dynamics

year (without application) - a business project, which showed the maximumdynamics over the past year.The winner is determined based on the analysis of these companies in 2014.

  • Company (the market and the public sector)
  • Brand (market segment)
  • Brand (public sector)

Launch year (without application) - bringing to market in the period from the 4th quarter 2013 to the end of 2014a new product, or the old product to the new market, which is accompanied by marketing and advertising activities for the purpose of informing the target audience, create interest and stimulate demand.

2. The preparation of the year (without application)

  • generics
  • original drug
  • OTC Product

3. Pharmacy, the Pharmacy

  • year (the winner determines the newspaper "Pharmaceutical Herald»)
  • year Pharmacy Chain

4. Company of the year (without application)

  • Manufacturer PM
  • Distributor PM

5. employer of the year (online voting at www. hh. ru)

in addition, the organizers are now considering the possibility of includingcompetition in the three new categories.

  • «Deal of the Year".Participants Expert Council determines, on the basis of the questionnaire attached to the short-list for the monitoring of transactions in 2014
  • «Field forces of the Year".Separately, based on the assessment of doctors and individually pervostolnikov.
  • «The best production site" in the "special categories of the Organizing Committee" format.
  • applicant will be determined at the last meeting of the organizing committee March 24, 2015

Hot topics

traditionally opened the press conference Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the contest Yuri Krestinsky.

He first outlined the composition of the organizing committee: "This year, the organizing committee presented the following companies: IMS Health, Institute of Public Health, DSM Group, Synovate Comcon.

addition of these companies to the committee includes research company Cegedim, the company Headhunter, newspaper "Pharmaceutical Bulletin".Member of the organizing committee on the rights of the executive directorate of the competition is advertising and communication group "Aaron Lloyd".

Auditor competition for several years in favor of large international companies EY ».

This year, changes were made separate list of nominations, which significantly toughen the competition for the statuette.The organizing committee has decided to merge Sub-nomination "Regional pharmacy chain" and "Pharmacy Network" into a single nomination "Pharmacy Chain of the Year".In the nomination "Company of the Year" united Subnomination "Foreign drug manufacturers" and "Russian producer of drugs" in the nomination "The manufacturer HP."

Chairman also announced the reasons for changes in the nominations: "Every year we try to come up with something new, to emphasize the most important thing that happened in Russia, constantly changing as a result of the nomination in the pharmaceutical market, combined or removed from the list."

outlined the main organizational aspects event, Yuri Krestinsky gave the floor to the Director General of the company «IMS Health Russia and CIS" Nikolai Demidov, who made a presentation "The crisis, its impact on the Russian pharmaceutical market, and the prospects compared with developed markets."

He analyzed the location of Russia in terms of health care costs, "I believe that in this matter we are about in the same group with our neighbors in the BRIC.If you look at the level of GDP per capita costs, we are about on par with developing countries.Note that with the growth of GDP, one way or another, reducing the share of consumer spending on health and drug coverage. "

Nikolai Demidov concluded that the majority of countries with emerging market, coming to a reduction in drug consumption at the expense of citizens and translate them into a more modern scheme.It is obvious that Russia will not escape this fate.

«I note that in general the Russian pharmaceutical market in the period January - grew by 10.5% in August 2014.Despite the effect of negative factors, the retail market in 2014 is likely to show the dynamics of not lower than in 2013.I dwell also on the fact that currently there is a long-term trend of a slowdown in the OTC segment in value and volume terms.If we talk about long-term forecasts, the external political situation of our country adds more and more uncertainty (duration and strength of worsening foreign relations, economic sanctions and the oil market).While the negative effect does not seem significant. "

Discussion continued trend Director Synovate Comcon Health Division Oleg Feldman: "At the moment, health care pays great attention to the subject, but we are still faced with budget problems, reduced incomes.

Unfortunately, we have become hostages of certain processes, so that we get into some financial hole.Health care has reached a stage where needed rather serious changes, which should determine the role of drugs themselves, their manufacturers, and the role of medical technology manufacturers.This creates a completely new foundation and development of the market is a big push in the marketing development. "

Director of DSM Group's strategic Julia Nechaeva studies completed analytical component of the press conference:

«In the first half 2014 growth of the market as a whole was 7.3%, while the commercial segment showed an increase of 10%.A special feature of this year is to reduce the rate of growth of the market.Previously, the market was growing at 12-14%, then the first half of the commercial segment of the market showed a drop of 4.5%, with the main decrease in the summer months.

Packages indices lower: market growth in real terms - minus 6.2%.In the summer months - minus 10%.In my opinion, the main reason was inflation, which for the first eight months of 2014 was 6.3%, which is twice higher than in past years.

While in previous years the growth of the market was ensured due to changes in consumption patterns, consumer transition to more expensive and effective drugs and, accordingly, the purchase of more fuel-efficient package, designed for treatment, then in 2014 the main factor of growth of the market - this is inflation.

also feature this year is the more rapid growth of prescription drugs.Considering the cut on imported and domestic drugs in physical terms, we see that imports declined by only 2%, whereas domestic products fell by almost 10%.

This factor is due to leaching cheap domestic products.We looked at the structure of the market on price segments and found that the proportion of the segment with a price of 50 rubles becoming less from year to year.Growth preparations show the price of 150 rubles.The largest contribution to the fall of the market have bactericidal plaster, valerian, tsitramon, activated carbon, acetylsalicylic acid, Naphthyzinum, Corvalol, analgin, paracetamol, validol.

In this segment accounts for the highest inflation - 15.3%, it is 2.5 times higher than the general market inflation for finished pharmaceuticals.I should add that, according to preliminary results of September, the market growth has resumed, and was 9-10%, and in August this figure was 1.7%. "

So, "All-Russian open competition of pharmaceutical industry professionals" Platinum Ounce "begins its work!- He said at the conclusion of the press conference Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the contest Yuri Krestinsky.

Presentations of the press conference can be viewed in detail on the website in the "Information Materials" section.

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