Gymnastics in bronchial asthma

Gymnastics in bronchial asthma is an essential component of treatment.It is carried out even during exacerbations, excluding attacks themselves.

Exercises with asthma should be simple and easy to follow, based on their needs to be a connection with the breath.Between exercises have to pause to rest and relax the muscles.In one set of 4-12 exercises enough for 3-5 repetitions, the rate should be medium or slow, depending on the state of health.It is useful to combine exercise with speaking the sounds.For example, carrying out the first exercise, articulate vowels y, u, e, o, during the second consonant g, h, p, s, sh third, u.The sounds can be pronounced in any order and quantity.Pronunciation of sounds promotes training of breathing.The main part of the exercise is done sitting, paying attention to the performance of a full exhalation.Exercises include sitting system for the upper extremities and the slopes.Exercises for the lower extremities should include walking.

exemplary set of exercises for pati

ents with bronchial asthma.

1. Sitting on a chair.Flexion and extension arms at the elbow 2-3 times slowly, then the same with the feet.

2. Standing, relying on his chair.Breathing exercise with the sound of oo-oo-oo, slowly, repeat 2-3 times.

3. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands put on head.Torso to the side, then the body turns to the sides 2-3 times, slowly.

4. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms at your sides.Taps hands simultaneously in the side to breath, and then compressing the chest hands as you exhale, 2-4 times.

5. Pause for 40-50 seconds rest.

6. Standing, relying on his chair.Breathing exercise with the sound of train rail train.2-3.

7. Sitting on a chair."Sitting" Walking.1 minute.

8. Sitting on a chair, arms bent, hands on his shoulders.Raising hands folded up on inspiration, with a gradual lowering exhale and compressing the chest.

9. Standing with the support of the chair.Breathing exercise with the sounds oh-oh-oh, and e-ee, 3-4.

10. Standing with feet together, arms down.Torso to the side opposite to the tightening slope hands to the armpits ( "pump"), 3-4 times each.

11. Standing, relying on his chair.Breathing exercise, for example, with the sound of p-p-p.

12. The final walk 1-2 minutes.

Breathing exercises with the pronunciation of sounds, conducted at the beginning of an asthma attack, can prevent its development or weaken.Training helps patients learn to control your breathing.In bronchial asthma need exercise, we recommend swimming, running, skating, skiing, sport games.

rehabilitation with asthma should start with walking at a slow pace, with stops for rest.You can combine a walk with physical therapy in the clinic or in the sanatorium (and at home).In addition to breathing exercises, walking play the role of tempering procedures, they need at any time of the year.Of particular importance are the trips for children.All kinds of trips is strictly dosed and taken into account the nature of clothing.It must be remembered that patients with allergies increased susceptibility to cooling, so the hardening should be started during the period of stable remission (complete absence of symptoms of the disease).Cooling and duration of walks and other procedures should be increased gradually and conduct tempering the year.

In our country there are many climatic zones.For the majority of patients to be treated better in local health centers, health camps with medical supervision, conduct physical therapy, physiotherapy treatments.If you can not achieve success in the local environment (for example, in the treatment of severe climate in patients with asthma), it is recommended to resort to physical therapy treatment for bronchial asthma in sanatoria of the Crimea, the Caucasus, in Central Asia.It is best to choose a mountain climate where the humidity is lower and the air is pure mountain resorts of Kislovodsk, Altai.

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