Great Dry : the air spoils our health

Great Dry : the air spoils our health
In the autumn-winter season, the air in our homes and offices is too dry, particularly affected owners of plastic windows.Alas, it's not just discomfort, too low air humidity directly affects our health.Why is this happening and how to help themselves survive the cold season with minimal losses?

If the cold weather, you constantly feel discomfort in the nose, you have dry mucous membranes, and in the morning you wake up with a dry throat and dry crusts in the nose, this dry air is guilty.

Many people suffer with low humidity and clear difficulty breathing like an asthmatic, especially if the air is still and dusty.And in case of a strong asthma exacerbation, not directly related to allergies.

Dry air: what is it

in the air we breathe, water is present, of course in a gaseous state, ie, in the form of steam.So it is simple - the more water molecules in the air, the higher the humidity.

Dry air is not necessarily hot.Humidity may be too low, and when the room is cold

total number of these molecul

es - a so-called absolute humidity, it is not particularly significant.we are usually on the relative humidity (for sure many know this phrase from weather forecasts).

phrase "a relative humidity of 50%" means that water vapor in the air is about half of how much there is in principle they may be based on the laws of physics.

normal humidity for a man - a measure of 40 to 60%.If the water vapor in the inhaled air is less, this is what is felt as dry air.

Sensitivity to air dry individual.Someone obviously oschuschet dry air when humidity reaches 40-50%, and someone does not notice much of a difference, even if it has fallen even lower, and the symptoms arising explained by other causes.

How to measure humidity

Although household hygrometer - a device for measuring humidity - is not very expensive, it is still exotic for our apartments.But you can measure the approximate moisture content and improvised ways.Here are the most simple of them.Fill the water

ordinary glass and refrigerate for about 2 hours.After that put the glass on the table away from radiators and watch.If

wall steamed and dried for a few minutes, the humidity does not exceed 40%, that is, the air is too dry.

On the normal humidity level indicated by the fact that the walls are fogged over five minutes.If on the surface of the glass appeared large water droplets - the humidity is high, ie more than 60%.

Dry air and health

Too low humidity affects many systems and organs of the human body.

  • skin.Deprived of sufficient moisture, the skin starts to dry out, especially noticeable on the face and hands.The skin peels off, there may be irritation, wrinkles become more visible.
  • eyes.Dry air contributes to increased evaporation of tears.Tears also maintain a constant humidity of the eyeball, providing smoothness and cleanliness of the cornea.If you have poor moisture difficult to remove foreign particles from the surface of the eye, vision deteriorates.In addition, the lack of lysozyme, which is part of the tear fluid and has an antibacterial effect, making the organ of vision open to the germs and viruses that can cause inflammation."Dry" eyes too tense, tired quickly.
  • nose and respiratory system.The drying of the mucous membranes of the nose leads to difficulties in breathing and nasal bleeding, often after sleep in a room with overdried vohduhom person wakes up with dry red with blood crusts in the nose.The drying of the mucous of the nose and the mouth leads to inefficiency protective barrier against infections, as a result of frequent rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis.
  • nervous system.When the air is too dry, the body harder to get enough oxygen during respiration.This leads to all the standard symptoms of hypoxia - dizziness, high fatigue, apathy, depressed mood.

People who are prone to allergies and asthma, dry air aggravates these diseases and make seizures more frequent.

How to help yourself

If the air in your home is too dry constantly, then, of course, the best solution - is to buy a home humidifier.

What can we do besides this?Here are the main recommendations.

  • Take frequent wet cleaning.Try to remove the excess of the rooms rugs, blankets, stuffed toys that accumulate dust, which exacerbates the situation.
  • ventilated area at least 4 times a day and always before bed.If possible, leave the half-open vents or place the window in the winter ventilation mode.
  • Most take a bath and shower.
  • Use facial and body moisturizers and lotions.A good solution is also thermal water.
  • Moisturize nasal cavity brine (in a drugstore sell special sprays) or paraffin gel.
  • For additional uvlazheneniya eyes, you can use the drug "artificial tears", to find a suitable best to consult with an ophthalmologist.
  • If the room is not a moisturizer, at least for the night and hangs on the battery next to the bed wet towel.
  • 's room, you can also buy or make a decorative fountain in a large fish tank.
  • Some houseplants are famous for high release of moisture, for example tsiperus, dracaena, hibiscus.In addition, the flowers need to be watered often and spray that will give additional humidification.

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