Enlarged liver : what are the reasons

Enlarged liver : what are the reasons
liver - the body's silent worker.She is involved in numerous biochemical reactions, neutralizes, blocks and degrades poisons, toxins and metabolic products, the liver is involved in hematopoiesis, formation of bile, the development of glucose and many other essential body substances.And at the same time - almost never hurts.

However, this seeming advantage for the person sometimes turns into a disaster when the serious problems in the work of the most important gland, we will know only at the doctor's or yellowed skin.

important signal change is unhealthy enlarged liver - hepatomegaly.Under normal conditions the liver of an adult weighs about 1-1.5 kg, but with hepatomegaly can reach 10-15 and even 20 kg and occupy one half of the abdomen.

Symptoms hepatomegaly

Liver tissue contains nerve endings, because there was a problem for some time can not cause discomfort.However, the capsule, which is enclosed iron and equipped with nerve endings, and the peculiar system of protection - its limited elasti

city of the liver does not grow without pain signals.

This is why unpleasant, but not critical at first glance, the seal on the right side is so painful on palpation.

Of course, there are obvious symptoms, in which immediately consult a hepatologist or gastroenterologist, such as yellowing of the skin or eyes, but there are other signals to the body to which it is necessary to pay attention and appropriately respond:

  • seal, pain and heaviness in the righthypochondria;
  • uncharacteristic discomfort and feeling of fullness in the abdomen;
  • general weakness, fatigue, and frequent fatigue;
  • nausea, heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth;
  • appearance of spider veins on the skin;
  • rapid weight loss.

Observing at these symptoms should not delay the visit to the therapist that pinpoint potential problem and send you to a specialist.

Liver Diagnosis when hepatomegaly

Usually suspected pathology associated with liver function, including the enlarged liver is assigned a set of surveys.It includes:

  • clinical examination;
  • mandatory set of blood tests for liver enzymes, bilirubin, toxins and antibodies;
  • ultrasound;
  • CT scan for suspected tumor and liver disease;
  • if necessary - a liver biopsy tissue.

In modern hospitals biopsy is replaced by non-invasive magnetic resonance elastography.

not surprising appointment ECG or echocardiography, as some of the problems of the cardiovascular system may have an effect on the liver, but more on that later.

Enlarged liver: Causes

liver may increase by tens of dimensions not related to each other causes, but they can be grouped by similar characteristics and processes.

  • inflammation of the liver tissue.To this list are all kinds of infections, toxic poisoning, viral and alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, autoimmune processes.Inflammation can lead to the death of liver cells and the subsequent replacement of liver tissue in the connective tissue, which is also a cause of enlarged liver.
  • Diseases of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.A number of pathologies of the heart and blood vessels may cause venous stasis of blood in liver tissue.It can be as "outsiders" to liver diseases such as congenital and acquired heart defects, postmiokarditichesky syndrome or cardio, and problems with the blood vessels of the liver directly - Budd-Chiari syndrome.
  • neoplasms and tumors, including primary carcinoma of the liver, hyperplasia and adenoma, lymphoma, as well as liver metastases from other cancers of internal organs.This also includes leukemia, but the principle of its influence on the development of hepatomegaly is more appropriate to the next section.
  • infiltration and accumulation.Disturbances in metabolism and filtration processes lead to significant accumulation in liver uncleaved number of different substances.Thus hemochromatosis provokes deposition of large amounts of iron in the liver, and hepatolenticular degeneration - copper.Called endocrine and metabolic disorders, toxins and alcohol gepatozy prevent the removal of fat from the liver and lead to obesity liver cells.The accumulation of fat in the liver can also contribute to diabetes or pregnancy.Metastasis leukemia aforementioned causes accumulation of leukemic infiltrates in the liver.It is also the cause of the accumulation of infiltration may be granulomatous hepatitis, amyloidosis, glycogen storage disease, and other diseases.
  • presence of parasites in the liver, the formation of parasitic and non-parasitic cysts.

worth noting that an unbalanced diet can also cause enlarged liver, which is associated with excessive fat accumulation.

It's not just people often overeat or obese, but also excessively fond of a strict diet.In this case, the liver at every opportunity lays fat, forming stocks often suffer from a lack of nutrients the body substances.

And, of course, directly on the liver condition affects the digestive system.

False, but not least, anxiety

Sometimes examination may show that for the enlargement of the liver was mistaken abnormal pressure from the other internal organs.

Good news, too, in such a little - often for the distortion of the picture correspond to different lung diseases, abscesses in the abdominal cavity under the dome of the diaphragm, the tumor in the right kidney and intestines, as well as a pathological increase in the gallbladder.

Enlarged liver: risk and prevention

Record "moderate hepatomegaly" fully capable to appear in the history of the disease and without diagnoses listed above.Some increase in the liver can occur, for example, after the major holidays with their abundant and not always healthy dishes, as well as alcohol.

addition to a healthy diet and giving up alcohol, experts advise:

  • strictly abide by the terms of administration and dosage prescribed by the doctor the vitamins and medicines;
  • not self-medicate and do not suffer from the doctor without the approval of trendy vitamin-mineral complexes, "proven" folk methods, dietary supplements and herbal teas;
  • be careful with household cleaning products are often toxic and hazardous to health;
  • give up smoking;
  • monitor their weight;
  • exercise and be outdoors;
  • remember that many infections, including hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases;
  • devote time to rest and sleep.

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