Gastric antral

Gastritis antral called rigid due to the fact that it causes scar deformation and restriction of this department.

Gastritis antral called rigid due to the fact that it causes scar deformation and restriction of this department.Antrum is the closest to the exit from the stomach into the intestine and is responsible for the neutralization of acidity bolus.Gastritis with high acidity violates this process, cancer can not cope, and poorly neutralized bolus enters the duodenum, acidified and irritating its walls, causing inflammation and there (duodenitis).

antral glands produce and mucus that protects the stomach wall from damage its own acid.In case of insufficient mucus mucous membrane of the stomach wall is vulnerable and easily inflamed.

picture is compounded by the presence of gastric bacteria (most often Helicobacter), who settled it in the antrum of the stomach, where a more comfortable environment (lower acidity).Bacteria (including viruses, fungi and giardia) can migrate to the intestine and bac

k (with reflux), to do their dirty deed.

Gastritis antral

Study pH measuring gastric juice to determine how damaged antral gastritis.Determination of pH (degree of acidity) in different parts of the stomach is very important to assign the correct treatment.The presence of bacteria is determined by tissue biopsy samples taken at study EGD (fibrogastroduodenoscopy) and the presence of antibodies in a blood test.X-ray examination is recommended in order to eliminate the tumor.Deformed (rigid) antral permanently loses its ability to fully perform its function.

antral gastritis symptoms expressed pain in the stomach, increased secretion of gastric juice, dyspepsia (nausea, bloating, and diarrhea).It is found that the antral gastritis, hypersecretory gastritis is always, i.e. there is an increased secretion of gastric juice.

usual superficial gastritis with normal or elevated secretion is a precursor of antral gastritis and other forms, so you should immediately begin appropriate treatment and cured, remove from your life triggers.

superficial gastritis symptoms differ little from the antrum, there is a sharp pain, acid regurgitation, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating, characterized by the appearance of constipation, as well as abundant acidity night.

approach antral gastritis treatment should be complex: 1. Suppression of bacteria with antibiotics (eradication).2. Reduction of secretion antisecretory and then antacids.3. Removing spasms (no-spa, Buscopan, Duspatalin) and the restoration of normal motor function (motilium or Reglan).4. Restoration of tissue structure reparants (solkoseril).5. Symptomatic means (macrogol with constipation, asthenia sedatives and tranquilizers).

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