How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring
Strong man snoring can reach a volume of 112 decibels.For comparison, a fire alarm sound noise level of 130 decibels.Perhaps most insulting, that he rarely hears snoring your unique snoring.

However, not only a neighbor on the bed or the room in the morning waking up sore and irritable.Snorer himself at risk to acquire a heart problem.And the Italian scientists have shown that chronic snoring can reduce the mental faculties of man.

will understand how to get rid of snoring to be healthy and get the maximum benefit from the quiet and relaxing sleep!

Where does the snoring

Intermittent, rattling, whistling, tuneful and generally any snoring is a signal - the unhealthy processes occur in the body.

Generally, snoring comes from the fact that during sleep the palate and tongue muscles relax and the airway because of this narrowing.Land of the larynx and pharynx begin to touch and vibrate when exposed to air, thereby causing bizarre sounds.

Usually pharynx muscle weakening occurs with age, which is wh

y most snoring occurs in the elderly.However, the negative effect on muscle tone also has smoking, alcohol craze, taking sleeping pills, sedatives or hormones.

Do not worry too much if snoring originated during cold, because it is linked to the difficulty in nasal breathing.

There are people with the structural features of the nasal septum or nasal passages that cause heavy breathing or snoring.

snoring can also talk about weight problems, thyroid disease, and even about such disease as sleep apnea.Apnea The danger lies in the fact that during sleep in humans occur short-term cessation of breathing, and this leads to the fact that not enough blood is saturated with oxygen.

In severe apneas per hour in humans occurs more than 40 breathing stops.Not surprisingly, people with sleep apnea suffer from sleepiness, hypertension, migraines, fatigue and irritability.

How to stop snoring

snoring affects millions of people, and not even one in ten addresses this problem to the doctor.American Patent Office to date, there are more than 180 different inventions to fight the snorer, but a universal remedy in the world has not yet invented.

Sometimes traditional methods are effective, but some cases require medical intervention.It is obvious that all you need to check on the matter, only if there is a chance to find the right tool for a particular application and get rid of snoring.

  • ¬ęThe Princess and the Pea."Some people suffer from a so-called positional snoring, that is snoring when sleeping on your back.Pushing snoring every time the occurrence of unpleasant sounds tedious.To wean the snorer to sleep on your back, you can sew a tennis ball in his pajamas.Each time, sitting on the back, the snorer will experience considerable inconvenience and will choose to sleep to another position.Perhaps with time to wean people sleep on their backs, and then uncomfortable pajamas will be goodbye.
  • for nasopharyngeal Exercises.Get rid of the snoring help exercise the muscles of the soft palate and tongue.To increase the tone, you can do unchallenging classes - strain protruding tongue for a few seconds, rest against the language in the lower teeth, loudly pronouncing vowels.Repeat these exercises should be daily - afternoon and evening, about 10 sets each.
  • People's method.If you do not want to do daily exercises or torture yourself sleeping on a tennis ball, try to eat before going to bed cabbage with honey or make of these ingredients medicinal drink - fresh cabbage juice mixed with two tablespoons of honey.
  • Since snoring is often the result of obesity, try to deal with snoring is not only a dream but reality.To normalize the weight takes a lot of time, but should at least start with the fact that there are not three - four hours before bedtime, do not drink alcoholic beverages before going to bed and, of course, move more.
  • Try to get an orthopedic pillow, try to moisten the air in the bedroom, you can purchase at the pharmacy special strips to facilitate nasal breathing.In short, create favorable conditions for their own healthy sleep, to get rid of snoring.

Medical methods

When all traditional methods have not had the desired effect, you need to see a doctor to get rid of snoring.In addition, even harmless snoring can develop into chronic.In any case, the choice of treatment will depend on the individual, so a thorough analysis of the causes of snoring, inspection, or even a sleep study will be carried out before any medical intervention - polysomnography.

  • If snoring is associated with anatomic defects, doctors will solve the problem surgically.
  • tonsillectomy (removal of tonsils) is required if the patient has a tonsil hypertrophy with respiratory failure.
  • CPAP therapy is carried out using a special device - the mask, which inflates the respiratory tract, thereby providing a smooth passage of air, and exclude a person stops breathing during sleep.
  • to tone muscles, doctors also offer intraoral devices.These tools allow you to reduce the vibration portions of the nasopharynx and, accordingly, the volume of snoring.Get rid of snoring permanently, you can use imlantantov that strengthen sky.
  • stop snoring helps the laser plastic and krioplastika sky: sky mucosa is exposed to laser or krioapplikatora, after healing the sky decreases and becomes denser.This reduces the likelihood of vibration and therefore sound of breathing during sleep.

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