Gastritis mixed

Gastritis mixed consists of a combination of several forms of gastritis, it is often superficial, hypertrophic, hemorrhagic and erosive.

combinations may be two, three or more shapes.Most combinations present infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori as a background on which are formed painful processes.

Everything starts with superficial gastritis, when the inflammatory process involves the surface layer of the gastric epithelium, sometimes with lesions of the gastric glands without their destruction.Superficial gastritis is a precursor of other shapes, but may remain along with them.

Further development pattern of the disease depends on many factors, so unpredictable.The only rule: the further progression of the severity of the disease process increases.

Hypertrophic change is thickening of the walls of the glands or inflammatory lesions healed.As a result, the mucous membrane of the stomach unevenly thickens, it becomes tuberosity.In advanced cases thickening grow in the form of single or

multiple cysts and adenomas, mucosal folds become dramatically thickened rough appearance.In severe cases, there is an increased loss of protein with gastric juice, the patient develops hypoproteinemia (protein deficiency).

There hypertrophic changes along with atrophic, opposite in the development, referred to as atrophic-hyperplastic gastritis.Aroficheskie changes lead to thinning of the mucous membrane sites with loss of its normal secretory function.Against the background of these changes often develop polypoid gastritis.Atrophic-hyperplastic form of gastritis and some periods of "perestroika" are considered to be precancerous disease.

hemorrhagic gastritis manifests point erosions on the background of mucosal inflammation and a tendency to a slight bleeding.It is often associated with increased fragility and permeability of blood vessels of the stomach.

called erosive gastritis with erosions visible damage areas of inflamed mucosal integrity.They can be single or multiple.Erosion can be formed at normal or elevated acidity.Chronic erosion can be prolonged from a few weeks to several months.

problem for treatment periods up "adjustment" of chronic gastritis.During these periods, it is important to see the direction of change for the correct tactics of the patient.

mixed gastritis Treatment should cover all forms included in it, so it should be designed.Gastroenterologist Doctor helps to find the optimal treatment regimen.Having an adequate course of treatment, and the recommendations, the patient can return to normal life and to continue to maintain their health on their own.

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