How to protect the body during colds

How to protect the body during colds
hot time with the Indian summer of this year went into history, leaving us cold autumn.According to statistics, at the beginning of autumn has to aggravation of colds among the population.

in danger to the body during the townspeople try to dress warmly.However, warm clothing does not protect against a large number of people sneezing and coughing.To cope with the virus helps the body strong immunity.

strengthens the immune system is better in advance, using the regime of the day, walking in the fresh air, physical activity.Also, as an additional source of vitamins and minerals, can be used dietary supplements, such as the alphabet in the season of colds *, which can be conveniently ordered online ** at

Please note that dietary supplements are the only source of vitamins and minerals and have no medicinal properties.

As for drugs, many colds during the immunomodulators used to prepare the body for a meeting with the disease.A popular representative of this group is Immunal.Its natural

ingredients help to strengthen the immune system.

The next group of drugs, in addition to the immunomodulatory, also has an antiviral effect.One of the most popular drugs in this group is Anaferon, which is also represented in the dosage for children.

If you want the local strengthening of immunity, such as in the mouth, used drugs such as Imudon.Indications for use of the drug - treatment and prevention of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx.

Recently, on the shelves of pharmacies, a host of products based on sea water, which manufacturers are recommended for daily hygiene of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx.Some drugs available in a convenient spray format.

One of the representatives of this group is a medical device Akvalor spray, which can be beneficial to order via Apteka contains natural sea water without the use of dyes and preservatives.

If obvious signs of a cold appeared - zahlyupal nose and locked in the throat - should consult a doctor to a specialist appointed the necessary treatment.

Health - the most valuable thing a man can have.To this must be treated with care throughout the year.To facilitate the task of finding all the money for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu are gathered in one section.Now you can easily find and order the required products in a special directory on, and then pay for and pick up an order at your local pharmacy.

* BAD.It is not a drug

** On the website site user generates a request for the necessary drugs against ZAO NPK "Quatrain" by the pharmacy company for the supply of selected goods in accordance with the contract between the last delivery of the contract, then the selected items on the application goes to the pharmacy organization, and the buyer pays the amount bid in placepharmacy.

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