Amazing things are happening to us in a dream

Amazing things are happening to us in a dream
During sleep our body and brain are switched on very special mode of operation.What happens to us when we sleep?

Son for our body - this is only a special kind of activity, in fact, none of the cell did not really sleep.

body temperature falls

By early morning, our body temperature is approximately one degree less than the one that was in the evening.This is due to a decrease in metabolic rate during sleep.

However, about an hour before the expected wake-up body temperature begins to rise gradually, to prepare us to wakefulness.

course, so the body helps us to wake up only when sleep and wakefulness more or less constant.It is due to the reduced body temperature at night we wrap up in a blanket, even in a warm room, and if you get up much earlier than usual, feel a strong fever.

eyes move

Many have heard that occur during sleep called rapid eye movements.Indeed, if you look at the eyeballs of a sleeping man, raising his eyelids, you can see how fast they are moving.

However, this happens only in the so-called REM sleep is the period of greatest activity of our brain.There is an assumption that the way we look at dreams, but that eye movement is also characteristic of the nature of blind people.

Smell almost disconnected

sensitivity to sounds saved us, and during sleep.Previously, it has been proven only about loud noises that can wake us up, then recently discovered that the brain continues to receive and process information from ordinary speech.

But the sense of smell during sleep practically turned off, we lose the ability to sense and respond to odors.In a limited way this is possible in REM sleep, but it takes less of the time.

This explains, for example, that people die from carbon monoxide times in his sleep during fires, in the waking state it is impossible not to notice a burning smell.

brain works intensively

most actively operating body during sleep is the brain.It is the brain leaves the bulk of the body's energy.

proved that the brain processes the information received during the day.Moreover, studies have shown that sleep helps to find new ways of solving problems.

For example, the experiment showed that subjects who had the opportunity to 12 hours of sleep, a quarter more likely to find a quick way to solve logical problems than those who were sleep deprived.

not secrete saliva and tears

During sleep, we have significantly reduced the amount of saliva flow, therefore, woke up, we most often feel dry mouth.Roughly the same thing happens with the eyes.

salivary glands are "asleep", the eyes hardly wetted.That's why we have "eyes prodirat" waking up in the morning, and if it finds us nap in the afternoon or evening, really want to rub your eyes.

almost paralyzes muscles

In the phase of REM sleep, when we dream, in spite of the intensive work of the brain, our muscles are relaxed to a state close to the paralytic.Sometimes, if we wake up in this period, for a few moments, we feel that we can not move.

Meanwhile overnight muscle repeatedly included in the work, so that we can change the posture - a signal the brain receptors that numb tissue and insufficiently supplied with oxygen.

M nogim known as special muscle cramps that occur during sleep, usually at the time of falling asleep - we suddenly wake up and shudder.Scientists do not yet understand the nature of this phenomenon.

There is a pathological condition that experts called restless legs syndrome - stress produced in the muscles of the legs, not giving relax the muscles and disrupts sleep.

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