6 diseases that threaten lovers smartphones

6 diseases that threaten lovers smartphones
life of modern man is inconceivable without a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, e-book.But any phenomenon has two sides.Doctors are talking seriously about the appearance of diseases, which are responsible for our electronic devices.

Among these diseases and mental disorders, for which even had to come up with specific terms and somatic diseases, the incidence of which has increased greatly in the age of mobile phones.

What gadgets threaten our health?

virtual reality sickness

called virtual reality sickness nausea and dizziness when using certain devices.

Originally the term came after widespread stereoscopic.Later on the same symptoms began to complain of users of virtual reality headsets.And recently, virtual reality sickness and felt the IPhone owners.

¬ęDigital seasickness" has proved itself in the operating system iOS7 users - to move quickly across the screen icons and the effect of increasing when opening and closing applications cause symptoms similar to the sensation of reading a book i

n the car.

Caused by virtual reality sickness that visual apparatus causes the brain to think that you are moving, and the vestibular apparatus of the brain sends the opposite signal.

syndrome phantom call

According to some estimates, about 90% of mobile users periodically hear non-existent call or feel defunct phone vibration.

Doctors call this phenomenon not only as auditory hallucinations and motor, albeit mild.It is proved that they are more likely to occur when a strong and fatigue in a state of nervous tension.


Another term entered the language specialists only after the appearance of mobile phones, namely in 2010, after one of the largest studies of psychological features of gadget users.

This obsessive fear of being left without a mobile phone, without regard even for a short time.More than half of mobile users, according to the study, said that experience severe anxiety and discomfort when you forget your phone at home, or he is dead.

But phobias rank this concern goes to when a person can not cope with their emotions and fear begins to interfere with his everyday life (for example, it is time off from work to go home for a forgotten gadget).


Doctors still disagree about the extent of the harm of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones on the human body.

Nevertheless, many experts see it is there cause headaches plaguing avid smartphone users, and it is strongly recommended to remove yourself away from gadgets at least during nocturnal sleep.

Another factor causing these symptoms - general nervous tension, typical of people who have a certain dependence on their devices.The constant compulsion to check your emails and social networks to update the tape does not relax, leading to so-called tension headaches.

spinal diseases, back pain and neck

According to one study, 84% of active users of electronic devices complained of back pain and neck.This percentage is significantly higher than the average, and therefore, it is necessary to conclude on the relationship.

Doctors note that users of laptops, tablets, smartphones spend a lot of time in static poses, focusing on their gadgets.

When working at the computer, still have to sit at the table in a more or less healthy posture, then the mobile device people often find such positions, which cause severe damage to the spine and joints.


Sounds strange, but active mobile users greater risk of getting skin problems.The fact that, according to research by microbiologists, keyboards and screens of mobile devices are in the lead in the list of the dirtiest things in our house on the content of bacteria on them.

Of course, we are not used to wash their hands every time after checking email and few regularly rubs his gadgets special napkins.As a result, dirty hands touch the face, we unwittingly contributing to the appearance of skin problems.

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