How to inhalation

How to inhalation
Very often, complex therapy of respiratory diseases, diseases of the respiratory system includes inhalation.This procedure is assigned to both adults and children.In order to be effective, you need to know how to do inhalation, which means in some cases, use and to comply with any conditions.

Inhalation seemingly simple procedure, but it is better to do after consultation with the doctor and with the use of the devices and components, which the doctor will recommend.

While seemingly innocuous unpretentiousness and inhalations for them there are contraindications, so the question of how to do inhalation, and whether to do them in each case, by no means unimportant.

Types and purpose of inhalation

When we hear the word "inhalation", before his eyes once there bent over a saucepan of steaming man with a towel over his head.And we are close to the truth: steam inhalation - the most affordable and common in the home, but this is not the only way.

So inhalations are:

  • steam (the patient inhales the s
    team from the hot treatment solution through the nose and mouth, and you can use a funnel made of paper, covering a container with a solution, or towel, rub the head and provides the maximum healing effect of steam);
  • oil (appointed by the atrophy or excessive dryness of the mucosa, the patient inhales the warmed essential oils);
  • using special devices - nebulizers, providing particulate spray (ultrasonic nebulizers are, compressor or combined, and are purchased in pharmacies).

Make inhalation useful in diseases such as:

  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tracheitis;
  • ARI;
  • pneumonia;
  • asthma;
  • rhinitis (common cold);
  • adenoids;
  • sinusitis.

If you use inhalers - special devices due to the instruction, the home during the procedure the patient does not always know for sure how to do inhalation correctly.

Inhalation made with special drugs, herbs, oils.Their function is reduced to the following basic effects on the body:

  1. warming;
  2. decongestant effect;
  3. bronchiectasis;
  4. dilution of discharge in the respiratory tract (expectorant action);
  5. mucosal hydration;
  6. improving mucosal blood supply (regenerative effect);
  7. achieving anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

This marked the advantages of inhalation as the abbreviated time of admission to the sore spot drugs, focus effects, minimal risk of side effects.If done correctly inhalation, their usefulness is undeniable.

How to inhalation

No matter with what drug for any disease and how to do inhalation, it is necessary to observe certain rules for this procedure.

  1. They should not be inhaled at body temperature above 37.5 degrees
  2. Before inhalation need to be rested, any physical exertion should be stopped at least half an hour before it
  3. procedure is performed after an hour or more after a meal, after inhalation, ingestionallowed 30 minutes
  4. duration inhalation should not be less than 5 minutes and more than 10 minutes
  5. during inhalation, and within half an hour after it is not recommended to talk
  6. the treatment of the throat, pharynx, bronchi medicinal steam is inhaled by mouth and exhale through the nose,in the treatment of the common cold, sinus patient is breathing nose and exhaling mouth
  7. breathing should not be too deep or superficial - calm and even
  8. breathe need of hot, but not above the boiling solution
  9. when propensity to allergies should refrain from anyunknown ingredients - herbs, essential oils, it can be dangerous
  10. In ultrasonic and compression inhalers can not be used decoctions of herbs
  11. inhalers should be well disinfected after each use

Contraindications for inhalation

before making inhalation, need to find outthere are no contraindications for this procedure for a particular patient.

Absolutely contraindicated use of inhalation in the treatment of people with health problems such as:

  • nasal and pulmonary hemorrhage;
  • hypertension 3 degrees;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • failure of the respiratory system.

absolute contraindications If not, you need to pay attention to the following condition: the presence of purulent inflammation of character (for example, sinusitis, tonsillitis) excludes the application of hot inhalations in order to avoid strengthening the growth of pathogenic flora.Breath of hot steam is allowed during long held rhinitis, laryngitis without purulent inflammations.

Inhalation - effective method in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, but that their effect was really healing, it is necessary to consult with your doctor how to do inhalation correctly in each case taking into account the patient's general condition and the specifics of the disease.

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