Diseases in the pool : what do you get

Diseases in the pool : what do you get
Swimming - a great tool to maintain good physical shape, maintain and improve health, it is indicated for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, to strengthen the cardiovascular system, to enhance immunity in general.In our climate from September to May for lovers of swimming there is one way out - the pool, but many people are afraid of diseases that can catch him.

no secret that there is a possible harm, along with the undoubted benefit of visiting a public pool - infections that can easily pick up.However

acquired the disease in the pool - not always an inevitable consequence, and much to the safety of the health of its visitors can and should do for themselves.

Who and what diseases in the basin threatened

If the content of the pool areas, water, cleaning it meets all health standards, and visitors visiting the medical professional, the risk of contracting any infectious disease is minimal.However

perfect care of such public facilities like swimming pool, made not everywhere.Moreover, the

appearance of even a single person - not the patient, but the carrier, for example, a fungal disease is already a certain danger to others.

easy to become a victim of the disease in the pool if:

  • condition of the pool is not acc etstvuet health standards;
  • your immune system is weakened and can not adequately resist infection;
  • on the body, especially on the feet, there are sores, blisters, scratches - it's the front gate to the penetration of the fungus;
  • you do not take the necessary precautions.

Bacterial and fungal infections that manifest themselves later on the skin in a variety of rashes - the most common disease pool.

With weakened immunity in the body can easily get into those infections, especially yeast, which a person with a strong immune safe.Microscopic enemies of our health are found everywhere - on the floor, handrails and ledges on the common towels, water.

in contact with water and the objects in the pool you can get diseases such as:

  • fungal infection;
  • other infections that cause warts on the skin nodules (molluscum contagiosum);
  • zoster;
  • giardiasis;
  • hepatitis A;
  • bacillary dysentery.

Contrary to popular belief, urogenital infections (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis and other) can not be infected, they are not transferred to the pool through the water or by contact with objects.

How not to catch the disease in

pool certain risk of getting an infectious disease in a pool can only remain risk, if properly organized bathing procedure.In the end, we do not refuse to travel on public transport, which can also be something to catch.

order to swim in the pool benefited, not harm, is a snap to follow a few rules:

  • select restaurant with a good reputation;
  • not visit a swimming pool with sores, scratches on the body or if they themselves are suffering from skin infections - be responsible;
  • not go barefoot in the shower from the cab and to the water - always wear special shoes for the pool;
  • swim in a special cap;
  • wash before and after swimming, after - using the antifungal, antibacterial detergent, paying particular attention to the feet, and the gaps between the toes;
  • use your own towel;
  • not swallow water while swimming - so you can catch giardiasis, shigellosis, hepatitis A

summarize: infectious diseases in the pool you can get, if you do not approach the selection of the pool itself responsibly and do not take precautions.

Besides the very chlorinated water can be harmful to sensitive skin, and in high doses, chlorine contained in the water, even dangerous to overall health.What is important is a sound approach to visiting the pool, and then the tangible benefits greatly exceed the potential harm.

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