How quickly cure a runny nose

How quickly cure a runny nose
Runny nose is such a common occurrence that has long been the subject of jokes and ridicule.Sometimes it seriously as a disease perceived only when it becomes absolutely impossible to breathe, until the last moment to popular guided by the rule "will be held for a week by itself."

Doctors, by the way, this "will pass by itself" strongly disagree - runny nose and may be a harbinger of, and the cause of much larger problems.

So we will not rely on simple-random, and look at how to quickly cure a cold.

Types and causes of the common cold

Like all other diseases, common cold has its own scientific name - rhinitis.Rhinitis can be infectious and non-infectious, but in any case, its essence is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

To understand how quickly cure a runny nose, it is necessary to understand its origins.The reasons for the emergence of rhinitis are many, but they can be divided into four main groups:

  • coryza;
  • chronic;
  • allergic;
  • vasomotor.

With a total manifestation of the syndrome of

inflammation all four types of rhinitis nasal mucosa are a consequence of different circumstances, and different course of disease, and hence the methods of treatment.


cause of acute rhinitis - pathological effects of viruses or bacteria in the nasal mucosa.The man suddenly begins malaise, swells the nose, there are frequent urge to sneeze.

The most common coryza comes with an infectious disease, such as influenza, scarlet fever or measles.Acute rhinitis, by the way, may be the result not the most prudent sexual relations - acute rhinitis is one of the possible symptoms of gonorrhea.

Naturally, under such circumstances, a runny nose - is not the main problem, treatment of acute infectious diseases should be handled by experts.

Therefore, getting rid of acute rhinitis importantly on time and without delay to consult a doctor.The reason will be defeated, and its effects will disappear.

Chronic rhinitis

Chronic rhinitis - is no longer just an inflammation of the mucous membrane.During the chronic rhinitis nasal mucosa changes its structure, growing, thickened blood vessel walls.Sufferers from this disease complain about the weakening of the sense of smell, nasal crusts and frequent nose.

have chronic rhinitis are the main causes of:

  • unfavorable environment, tobacco smoke, dust, air pollution, chemical vapors;
  • injury and curvature of the nasal septum;
  • outcome of long and difficult past lechivshegosya acute rhinitis;
  • violation of local blood circulation in the tissues of the nose.

clear that quickly cure a cold, which is chronic, it is impossible, but the main symptoms yet can be remove.Depending on the origin and type of chronic rhinitis, your doctor may recommend:

  • nose drops with astringent action, reducing mucus production;
  • moisturizing the nasal cavity antiseptic saline solutions;
  • antibiotics in exacerbations caused by infection;
  • vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory sprays;
  • vitamin drops of oil-based with atrophic rhinitis, accompanied by thinning and fragility of the mucosa and superficial blood vessels;
  • physiotherapy, including UHF, electrophoresis, inhalation drugs and other procedures;
  • surgery to remove the overgrown tissue sections or partitions correction.

In the future, you should consider moving to a more comfortable conditions for you, refuse to work with harmful and irritating substances and, of course, consult with the ENT doctor for the selection of a longer course of treatment that will deal with the problem rather than its consequences.

separate paragraph in chronic rhinitis should make atrophic rhinitis, or Ozen.This disease is characterized by forming in the nose of green fetid crusts and loss of smell associated with atrophy of the mucosa of the nose and nerve endings.Choose the right treatment will help ozeny doctor after establish its origin.

Allergic rhinitis

tears from his eyes, repeated sneezing, itching irrepressible and copious discharge from the nose swollen.This painting vividly raised in memory of Allergy at the thought of the coming of summer, poplar fluff, or pollen.

The basis of allergic rhinitis is an immediate inflammatory reaction of the nasal mucosa on contact with certain allergens.


vasoconstrictive drops in the case of allergic rhinitis not only be useless, but can lead to a deterioration of the condition and the appearance of new diseases - medical rhinitis.

faced this problem before rushing to adopt the familiar antihistamines.But it is equally important and immediately clean thoroughly nose from allergies, washing the decongestants, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing solutions.

These solutions are affordable and are sold at any pharmacy, they are useful to keep on hand to anyone who is suffering from a cold, and not only allergic.Often, these sprays are made on the basis of salt or sea water, they may contain various additives which are responsible for removal of irritation and itching, softening of crusts and mucus.

If allergic rhinitis is a year-round nature, we can recommend the use of preventive medicines based on plant cellulose.Such droplets form the thinnest protective film on the nasal mucosa, protecting it from contact with potential irritants.

In severe cases of allergic rhinitis specifically for the patient can be picked up by drug-spray based on corticosteroids and competent dosage.

In case you have allergic rhinitis found for the first time or the disease is more severe than usual, immediately consult a doctor.

Vasomotor rhinitis

most difficult to understand the reasons is vasomotor rhinitis.The basis of its origin - problems of hormonal, vascular changes and disruption of the mechanisms responsible for the reflex reaction to various stimuli.

disease can haunt a person for years, as well as chronic rhinitis, periodically passing in the acute stage.It has all the general from other colds - attacks with swelling of the mucous, frequent sneezing and profuse nasal discharge.Remove

chronic inflammation and swelling can sprays using either a corticosteroid injections directly beneath the nasal mucosa.However, to obtain a stable effect to combat vasomotor rhinitis may need surgery - vasotomy submucosa.

This fast manipulation under local anesthesia, vascular dissection aimed at connections between the mucosa and the periosteum of the nose using a radio wave, and electrocautery, laser or ultrasound.

Common techniques that will help to quickly cure a runny nose

Even before receiving a doctor who for various reasons can not happen on the first day of health deterioration, you can try if you do not quickly cure a cold, then at least make your life easier.

First and foremost independent action at a cold of any kind is a cleansing of the nasal cavity from the crusts of mucus, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Regularly washing the nose, not only do we get rid of annoying and provoking the disease factors, but also helps to restore the independent mechanisms of self-protection and purification.

Pharmacies features dozens of sprays, suitable for all types of rhinitis.The basis of most dissolved in water, sea salt and minerals, and various additives.Such sprays have little or no contraindications, produced in conventional forms, different volumes and concentrations calculated for both adults and children.

In addition, a preliminary "sea" nasal cleansing improve uptake of vasoconstrictor drugs prescribed by a physician.


It should be remembered that one of the common causes of the common cold is the abuse of drops for the nose.Do not "write" his new medication, guided by bright advertising, let the professionals involved in the treatment.

Prior to receiving a prescription for medication, you can try to drip in a nose sea buckthorn and wild rose, the fresh juice of Kalanchoe leaf and aloe vera, menthol smell oil while lubricating them temples, nose, forehead, breathing vapors fresh chopped onions and garlic.

necessary to avoid hypothermia and contact with the environment provokes a runny nose.

If you do not have high temperature, there will be no more than night hover legs in hot water with sea salt, mustard or decoction of herbs, such as mint or sage;

People prone to cold, is worth serious thought to strengthen the immune system and increase the overall tone - hardening of the body, physical, outdoor exercise, vitamin-rich food and fresh juices can help prevent unwanted aggravation.

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