Heart attack : how to avoid

Heart attack : how to avoid
Modern man is every day exposed to an incredible physical and psychological stress.Our body is able to adapt to changing internal and external conditions, and that it allows anyone to cope with adverse environmental factors.

Unfortunately, the functionality of the human body are not limitless, anyway, may not function properly, and the consequences can be dire, especially when it comes to the cardiovascular system.

Even minor disturbances in the heart can lead to heart attack over time.The main danger for the person that there is an acute heart attack, difficult to diagnose, and can lead to myocardial ischemia.

Heart attack: what is it

Initially, there spasm or blockage of the arteries feeding the heart, the lack of blood supply contributes to the development of ischemia and necrosis, and an hour later coronary death can occur after the start of the process.A heart attack in thirty percent of cases are fatal.

Why is this happening?It's pretty simple: many people usually do not pay enough attentio

n to the emerging pain and other symptoms associated with a heart attack, it is this is the main mistake that leads to irreversible pathology and death.

Heart Attack: Causes

main reason is the violation of blood flow in the arteries feeding the heart.

This is possible due to the following factors:

  • acute occlusion thrombus or embolus lumen of the artery;
  • sudden narrowing of the vessels of the heart, for example due to atherosclerotic plaques;
  • presence of human atherosclerosis, hypertension, or diabetes;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol and drugs);
  • inactive lifestyles, sedentary work, leading in most cases to obesity;
  • psychological factors (emotional stress, frequent stress, increased levels of anxiety, nervous excitement, etc.);
  • adverse weather conditions (atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, sharp temperature jumps).

Heart Attack: Symptoms

minimize the risk of dying of a heart attack will help the knowledge of its main symptoms.

  • One of the most common symptoms - is prolonged, localized pain in the chest, which is the cutting, crushing, aching or burning in nature.A person may feel pressure in the chest, accompanied by the feeling of heartburn.Such pain often occurs in the left half of the body: in the hand to the forearm, the left half of the neck, in the scapula.
  • characteristic symptom which indicates a heart attack, shortness of breath is manifested even at minimal activity or at rest.Shortness of breath occurs because the heart does not receive the amount of blood needed for normal functioning.
  • person may feel weakness, heart palpitations.It may increase production of sweat glands.
  • stomach pain, nausea and vomiting may accompany a heart attack.It is necessary to pay attention to them if they occur while taking the usual food and are not associated with poor-quality food.
  • One of the symptoms is the increased heart rate, rapid and manifests a disordered pulse.

How to avoid a heart attack

Despite the surprise of having a heart attack, in many cases it can be avoided.To do this, carry virtually all ages an active lifestyle, exercise, give up bad habits and malnutrition, to comply with the normal sleep and rest and, of course, monitor the condition of your heart.Today

monitor cardiac performance can be at home, in the office, in the country, it suffices to use the device KardiRu.The unit has recently appeared on the market, and really gives you the opportunity to carry out ECG monitoring at home and without special training.

Register study - only 30 seconds.And you get a minute automatic conclusion after registration.It is possible to send the study doctor and get a second medical opinion.

How KardiRu device can help prevent a heart attack?In case of suspicious symptoms and feel unwell, you can carry out a study on their own, and after a few minutes on your cell phone will receive a brief report.

important advantage is that the device is able to capture even the smallest deviation in the myocardium that allows the early stages of rejection notice and promptly seek help from cardiologists.Proprietary study if there are problem points can be sent immediately to the control of the doctor.

special assistance KardiRu can provide the families with elderly people, families with a history of myocardial infarction or heart surgery, while in case of the slightest anxiety symptoms simply use the device KardiRu and make the right decision (to call an ambulance, go to the hospital)which will undoubtedly help to save lives and health of loved ones.

KardiRu device approved for use in the Russian Federation Ministry of Health.When using the device KardiRu in no case be self-medicate, and if there are any deviations you should promptly consult your doctor.

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