Trihofitii from animal to man

trihofitii better known by his second name - ringworm.

trihofitii - a fungal disease affecting the skin, hair and nails less.The disease is the fungus Trichophyton.

How infection occurs trichophytosis

antropofilnymi view trihofiton transmitted from person to patient health through hats, combs, bedding, as well as by direct contact.

Infection zoofilnymi, more aggressive trihofitonom possible from rodents, cattle through the hay, wool and others. Therefore, this type of trihofitii more common in rural areas.

What variety there trihofitii

Dermatologists are three species of Trichophyton: surface, and chronic infiltrative-suppurative.Each of them can cause loss of smooth skin or hair.

surface trihofitii cause antropofilnymi types of fungus.Hair involved in the process, in most cases only for children.But sometimes it is observed in adults.Lesions are round, swollen with raised edges.Skin them covered with small whitish scales.Outbreaks tend to the merger and the formation of bizarre drawings.The af

fected hair pins break off almost at the base.The remaining hair is dull, covered with a gray bloom.Without treatment, this form trihofitii or passes itself or becomes chronic.

Chronic trihofitia most often begins in childhood.They suffer this form trihofitii mostly women.In men, there is a spontaneous recovery.On the scalp chronic trihofitii centers are located in the occipital and temporal areas.They are rounded, small in size, have a bluish tint.Hair in the centers are broken off at the skin level, and have the form of black dots.On the smooth skin of the forearms, legs, buttocks, torso trihofitii pockets do not have clear boundaries and gradually transition to the normal skin.

hardest flows infiltrative-suppurative trihofitia, which infects man from animals.If it affects the scalp formed single large hearth with clear boundaries, swollen, with lots of juicy moist crusts on the surface.Each follicle expires pus.Similar lesions, but smaller sizes can be in the field of facial hair in men.When pressed on the center the patient complains of pain.

suffers and overall health: increased body temperature, there is a headache, and malaise.After a few months, even without treatment, the disease is allowed to form a scar.Hair at this point no longer grow.On the smooth skin infiltrative-suppurative focus trihofitii looks edematous plaques covered with scales and purulent crusts.Further to this point is formed by thinning of skin atrophy type of scar.

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