Gallstone disease : treatment without surgery

Gallstone disease : treatment without surgery
Gallstone disease - one of the most common diseases of the gallbladder.In some cases it is possible to carry out a successful treatment of gallstone disease without resorting to surgery.

The main reason for the development of gallstones - the formation of gall stones, which are formed as a result of metabolic disorders.The reasons often act inflammation or infection in the gallbladder.

Treatment of gallstone disease non-surgical method is carried out today in two ways.The first of them - this medication, solubilizing stones.The second method is a shock-wave effects on rocks, break them into small pieces, which are then eliminated from the body.

dissolution of gallstones with the help of drugs

To eliminate the stones used drugs based on ursodeoxycholic acid.Usually, treatment is a few months, and the patient should be under constant medical supervision.

This method of treatment for getting rid of small stones the size of 2 cm. Medications are powerless in the presence of gallbladder calcified form

ations.Moreover, if, due to gallbladder disease lost the ability to reduce, this method is ineffective as therapy.

Crushing stones using shock-wave action

This technique is based on the effects of shock waves on the stones in the gallbladder.Usually it is used for crushing stones of cholesterol, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 cm. The ground of the stones then naturally excreted.

As a rule, after a course of shock wave therapy in patients prescribed additional medications to help dissolve stones residues.As additional measures are assigned physical therapy and physiotherapy.

During treatment, the patient is obliged to observe rather strict diet - from his diet excluded fried, oily and spicy foods and alcohol.Use the following foods that contain a large amount of vegetable fiber.In addition, good effect gives the consumption of medicinal mineral waters.

Effective treatment

success of the treatment is determined, inter alia, strict adherence to doctor's instructions and the maintenance of normal body weight.Dosing of exercise, mud baths, spa treatment - all this combined with the main treatment gives a good effect, allowing you to get rid of gallstones.

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