Ingrown Nail : treatment at home

Wrong foot care ingrown nail causes.ingrown nail treatment possible at home.

Ingrown nails (ingrown nail) is the ingrowth of the outside of the nail plate in the soft tissues of the finger.Permanent trauma leads to the development of inflammation and edema.This is accompanied by severe pain and inability to step on the injured leg.If time does not engage in treatment of the disease, it becomes chronic.

Particular attention should be paid to health feet people with diabetes and blood circulation in the lower extremities.They ingrown nail can easily provoke severe septic complications up to tissue necrosis.

Why do I get ingrown nail

reasons ingrown nail pretty much.Often patients reveal a genetic predisposition to excess tissue in the subungual space.

increases the likelihood of developing an ingrown nail wearing narrow shoes in which the nail is flattened to the soft tissues of the finger.Provoke ingrown nails are flat and injuries, as well as fungal diseases in which nails strongly change its shap

e, thicken and begin to put pressure on the tissue.In rare cases, ingrown possibly due to the formation of hallux valgus feet, when the thumb is deflected outwards.

nail ingrowth may be due to the illiterate pedicure: after cutting the nail plate at an angle rather than horizontally, it begins to grow in the wrong direction and grows.

Ingrown Nail: treatment at home

The first thing to do in the event of a disease, - Change shoes.It must be free, especially Noskova portion.

few practical tips will help to quickly deal with the disease and to prevent ingrowth.

  • When inflammation of the soft tissue around the ingrown nail in the evening to do the bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Soak feet with a towel, gently pry the edge of the nail and placing it on a piece of bandage.After treat the inflamed area with antiseptic ointment and bandage.
  • Feet should be washed in the morning and evening.
  • foot massage improves blood circulation, which positively affect the state.
  • When pedicure nail plate should be cut horizontally, rather than at an angle.

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