Femoral hernia : age ailment women

Femoral hernia manifests tumor protrusion and often leads to inflammation and infringement of hernia contents or intestinal obstruction.

According to statistics, femoral hernias account for about 5% of the total number of hernia formation.Occurs predominantly in women 40-60 years old.This is due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the pelvis and connective tissues.

If you have a hernia abdominal organs are located in the subcutaneous tissue of the anterior abdominal wall through the vascular cavity between tissues forming the femoral canal.

Risk Factors

Among the main reasons that can develop femoral hernia, scientists call:

  • hereditary connective tissue weakness groin or abdominal wall;
  • abdominal injuries caused by surgeries;
  • paralysis of the nerves that innervate the abdominal wall and the inguinal ligament;
  • increased intra-abdominal pressure, associated with physical overexertion, difficulty urinating and bowel obstruction;
  • dramatic weight loss.

Symptoms of femoral hernia

In the initial stage of development of the femoral hernia patients complain of pain in the upper part of the thigh, groin and abdomen.The clinical picture is accompanied by digestive disorders, and urination, swelling of the lower extremities.

an initial degree of femoral hernia protrusion of the tumor does not extend beyond the internal opening of the femoral canal.Running the disease stage of development can lead to the sudden compression of the surrounding blood vessels, which is accompanied by rapidly increasing pain in the groin, nausea and coprostasia.

Methods of diagnosis of femoral hernia

addition to surgical examination, used in the diagnosis of X-ray and ultrasound, and herniation of the bladder.Often, femoral hernias are combined forms of herniation and have a more insidious for.The difficulty for the diagnosis are similar symptoms of diseases such as lymphadenitis or thrombophlebitis.

Treatment of femoral hernias

Currently, the only effective treatment for femoral hernia is surgery.Hospitalization in the absence of complications does not last more than two days.

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