White spots on the skin

Pronounced cosmetic defect - white patches on the skin - provokes the disease vitiligo is still not thoroughly studied by experts.

discoloration of the skin due to the fact that the epidermis cells stop producing melanin pigment.The disease begins with the appearance of small bright spots, which will eventually grow, merge with each other, capturing more and more exposed skin.In most cases, vitiligo affects the skin of the face, elbows, knees, hands.

causes of white spots

Vitiligo exposed to people of both sexes, but more often this disease is common in women.In most cases, the first symptoms appear until 20-30 years.Despite the fact that cases of skin depigmentation quite common throughout the world, until the end is not yet known.

Among the causes of vitiligo, doctors call a genetic predisposition, metabolic failure in the deferred viral infections, disruption of the endocrine system and the allocation of organs.Contributing factors can become stressful situations, diseases of the respiratory, di

gestive, nervous system disorders, sunburn.

In addition, the trigger for the appearance of vitiligo can serve as a negative attitude towards themselves and the world around them, oppression and depression.

methods of treatment of vitiligo

poorly marked small white spots can be masked by a stable foundation and powder.

Puvaterapiya helps to cope with vitiligo by ultraviolet light therapy in combination with vitamin E.

To stimulate the body's immune system is shown receiving drugs that must be taken exactly as prescribed physician.

drugs such as vitamins B12, E, C, folic acid, copper sulfate solution, help the skin to produce melanin.

psychological state in vitiligo also needs to be adjusted.For this purpose, use self-hypnosis, psychotherapy, sedative drugs and recipes of traditional medicine.

good effect in the treatment of white spots on the skin give the dosage sunbathing and solarium.Since the depigmented skin is prone to burns, it should be during tanning apply sunscreen with a high protection factor.

diet in vitiligo

To restore proper metabolism and saturation of the body so-called photodynamic substances recommended to follow a certain diet.

is recommended to include in the menu as much seafood (fish and algae), use iodized salt.The diet should be present beans, a variety of vegetables and fruits, pumpkin seeds and ginger.Drink preferably green tea with mint.Before each meal is recommended to eat any raw vegetable or fruit.The ban fall-products, meats, chocolate, coffee, alcohol.

adjunct to diet will herbal teas and teas from St. John's wort, sundew, yarrow, black currant leaves, and others.

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