Stress and frustration : what is common

Stress and Frustration
Modern life is full of emotions, victories, defeats, exciting moments, disappointments and frustration.This is possible thanks to its versatility and are having difficulty with which we meet every day.Some of us are on the back, so we can easily solve them, while others lead us to deadlock and cause negative emotions.That is why stress and frustration are the most frequent phenomena.

terms "stress" and "frustration" is very difficult to separate from each other.It is sometimes said about the concept of frustration as a kind of a stressful situation, and yet they have a slightly different definition.So, stress is nothing more than a period of time, which is characterized by excessive emotional and psychological stress, which in turn causes an overload of the nervous system.Frustration is also a special mental state, which caused some difficulties that hinder the primary goal or solving the problem.

What is the meaning of stress and frustration

Stress and frustration can describe the more familiar te

rms to us.Stress - a condition caused by sudden life situation.It can be:

  • joy or sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one, or vice versa, the acquisition of something new;
  • misfortune suddenly occurred in the family;
  • risk to life caused by anything or anyone;
  • fear of loss or uncertainty.

characterized as a very strong motivation to solve any problem or obstacle that appears suddenly in turn frustration.Obstruction can have a different character:

  • biological - can be attributed to him various diseases, aging, and as a consequence of the inability to perform assigned tasks;
  • psychological - it may be the fear of a big decision or lack of intelligence to solve the problem;
  • material - it could be banal lack of money to buy a particular thing;
  • social and cultural - is a certain life and cultural practices that emerged in the society;
  • physical - it is physically impossible to accomplish anything.

Stress and frustration: what is common?

Stress and frustration are much closer to each other than might appear at first glance.Thus, the stress state and the state of frustration are similar in one: in the first and in the second case, the difficulties encountered on the way an individual, can be overcome.Much depends on the person, but also on how the specific person relates to the problem.After all, for some, even the most minor problem through self-hypnosis turns into a fatal obstacle universal scale.Because of this, more and appear as stress or frustration.

In other words, in order to solve the most difficult task or, in spite of everything, to reach their goals, you must first change the attitude towards a particular issue and look at the situation from the outside.This method will help in all situations, sometimes seemingly quite intractable.On the basis of this method work, many modern techniques of yield stress.

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