Every 40 seconds suicide occurs worldwide

Every 40 seconds suicide occurs worldwide
According to a new UN report, every 40 seconds one person deprives himself of life -. For the year 800 thousand suicides happening in the world.

WHO experts say that every year due to suicide kills more people than because of armed conflicts and natural disasters - on suicides account for more than half of the annual half a million violent deaths.

This UN report, which was held in Geneva, is the first of its kind: Data were analyzed for 172 countries, which took more than 10 years.

Most suicides occur in Guyana (44.2 cases per 100 thousand. People), North Korea (38.5), South Korea (28.9), Sri Lanka (28.8), Lithuania (28.2), Surinam (27.8), Mozambique (27.4), Nepal (24.9), Tanzania (24.9) and Burundi (23.1).

Virtually worldwide figures were highest among people over 70, with the exception of those countries where most suicides happen with young people - in this case, suicide is the second largest cause of death among 15-29 year olds.

Among the obstacles in solving the problem of suicides in the rep

ort were called including the active lighting media suicides of celebrities, including the tragedy with Robin Williams, which could to some extent make suicide tint of glamor and lead to "contamination".

The next obstacle is the frequent suicide victims belonging to marginalized groups, making it difficult to work with them.

as the primary means to commit suicide using pesticides poisoning, especially in rural areas among other common means of hanging and firearms.There is evidence that the restriction of access to these funds can help reduce the number of deaths.

also essential in reducing the number of suicides is a part of the state and the use of national plans, although currently only 28 countries, such measures are applied.

«We know what works, - said Dr. Shekhar Saxena (Shekhar Saxena), Director of WHO's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.-Now It's time to act. "

Source: CNN

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