Lipoma : folk remedies treatment

treatment of lipomas
Traditional medicine says that getting rid of lipomas and cure it can be and without the help of a surgeon.

Maybe not everyone knows that such a lipoma, but the second the name "wen" is known to all.Lipoma is a benign tumor of adipose limited capsule.

lipoma usually have a variety of sizes, round shape, tends to a gradual growth, mobile and painless.Located it in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, most often develops where it is thinner layer of all: on the back, chest, shoulders, hips.

Sometimes she begins to grow deeper - up to the muscle layer of the periosteum and even.And very rarely there is a particular "diffuse" form of lipoma, which has no capsule.It consists of a fat "clusters," which are rapidly increasing in volume.As a result, the limb affected by a pathological process, is significantly different in size from the healthy.Lipoma: treatment is necessary.

The dangerous lipoma

are cases when the lipoma cells have mutated into a malignant tumor - liposarcoma.But this is relatively rare.Mos

t lipomas inconvenience to their owners, so they can grow to a considerable size, becoming an aesthetic disadvantage.

In traditional medicine with lipoma just cope - or surgeon removes it together with the capsule contents or extirpate the tumor.But many patients are afraid of surgery and are looking for alternative methods of treatment.To help them come to the ancient recipes of traditional medicine, time-tested.

Lipoma: treatment of folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers a variety of facilities for the treatment of lipomas.Below are the most effective ones.Remember that self-treatment is preferably carried out after consulting a doctor, as other diseases can hide under the guise of a lipoma.

  • good drug is ivy.For the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of lipoma to grind the leaves and stems and fill into glass half.The rest of the topped up with vodka and shift into a bottle of dark glass.It should stand in a refrigerator for 3 weeks, after which the medicine is prepared.Before use, it is necessary to filter, oil cake to put on a bandage, tied to a lipoma and leave overnight.Treatment continued until as long as the tumor does not resolve.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon of vodka spoon.Apply a bandage and apply to Wen as a compress.Change the bandage should be 3 times a day until the disappearance of a lipoma.
  • Lucky for those who have at home is growing golden mustache.This plant is considered to be a truly miraculous remedy for Wen.Leaves of the plant must be crushed, the resulting slurry was put on gauze and secured to Wen.Top to put plastic wrap and a towel.This wrap makes the night rate for 2 weeks.Such treatment of a lipoma is quite effective.

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