Dangerous Is red birthmark

Trauma red birthmarks or hemangiomas, can cause bleeding, which is often accompanied by the risk of infection.

What are the red birthmark

Red moles are benign skin tumors that develop from the accumulation of blood vessels.Typically, only the red dot is output receptacle on the skin surface is not onkoopasnosti.

At the same time zone deeper layers of subcutaneous lesions cavity can be quite extensive, and it often results in damage to exacerbate improper vascular development process.

Causes of Red Moles

Hemangiomas account for about a third of all benign tumors often occur in childhood as a result of violation of circulation of blood.Red birthmarks can affect every layer of the skin and form on the venous, arterial or capillary blood station.

Types of red birthmarks or hemangiomas

Depending on the location and structure of red birthmarks are distinguished:

  • capillary, or a simple, hemangioma, is a flat formation on the skin of purple or pink;
  • cavernous, or cavernous, hemangioma in the form
    of a limited education cherry or burgundy;
  • angiomatous tumors affecting a vast area of ​​the skin.

appearance of several red birthmarks in a short period shows the possible hormonal changes, diseases or disorders of the capillaries of the liver and pancreas.

more dangerous red birthmark

Hemangiomas or red birthmarks rarely associated with skin tumors, as such, giving them little attention.The lack of control the number and activity of red birthmarks growth can lead to the development of several diseases.

greatest danger is education, which are located in the internal organs and mucous membranes.Such hemangiomas disrupt the normal functioning of the affected organ.

Self opening or removal of red birthmarks can damage the vascular glomeruli and cause severe bleeding.

treatment of hemangiomas

Treatment red moles is their removal by laser or cryoablation.The most effective method for removing red birthmarks considered a procedure with a vascular laser, as a result of which the skin is left scars.

For proper diagnosis of the degree of development of red birthmarks and depth of the tumor removal of tumors should be performed only by a doctor dermatologist-oncologist.

eliminate the risk of degeneration of the hemangioma will allow histological analysis.

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