How to get rid of warts

Wart called benign growths on the skin caused by the most different papillomaviruses.They cause a breach of the nature of growth of skin tissue, and is expressed in the appearance of skin growths.

papillomaviruses spread by contact, entering the body through the skin microtrauma.From the bloodstream they can disperse throughout the body, causing the growth of warts on the skin and mucous membranes.Infection for a long time is dormant and is activated after a few months or even years.

Is there a danger

Warts are not dangerous to humans, but they can be damaged and bleeding, quickly grow and spread, in some cases, cause pain, such as subungual location.Additionally, they bring discomfort aesthetically.

Removing warts

Remove warts should be specialized in cosmetic clinics.The vast majority of tips on how to get rid of warts by folk remedies, ineffective and dangerous enough.These methods can cause blood poisoning, severe scarring and even warts degeneration into a malignant tumor.

Modern methods of removing

  • removal of warts using a laser (laser coagulation) - takes place layer by layer vaporization of warts or complete destruction of the traces of the operation completely disappear within two weeks.
  • Removing warts high frequency current (electrocautery) - method is good because it causes coagulation of the tissue located in the immediate vicinity of the wart, which prevents the spread of the virus.After the operation, may be a small scar.
  • Removing warts with liquid nitrogen (cryocautery) - wart is frozen, after which it deletes itself.The disadvantages of the method include the inability to accurately control the depth of freezing tissue, which can cause scarring or recurrence.
  • traditional surgical excision of warts.
  • traditional chemical removal of warts (moxibustion acid).

first three methods have a great advantage over subsequent, since they do not occur in direct contact with the blood of the tool, which means that there is no risk of infection and spread of the virus.After they have no scars, they are virtually painless.

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