Albinism is a gift or a punishment

Albinism is a gift or a punishment
Albinism is a congenital disease in which a greater or lesser extent disrupted the formation of melanin pigment - a special substance, from which the color of fabric depends.In albinos do not contain this pigment the hair, skin and membrane of the eye.

According to statistics, an albino is born approximately one person out of 20 thousand. The lack of pigment is particularly striking at the races with darker skin.

believed that albinism occurs slightly more often in the descendants of Indians and Africans: Nigeria found 1 case of albinism in the 3 thousand people, and among the Indians of Panama and do 1 to 132. The total number of albinos is approximately 1% of the total world population..

The disease occurs in all races.Patients are forced to suffer a lifetime of oblique views of others because of their unusual appearance.

Why are parents of healthy baby is born albino

cause of albinism are disorders in the genes responsible for the synthesis of the enzyme tyrosinase.It is responsible for the no

rmal formation of melanin, which provides color skin, hair, and other structures.

Depending on the degree of damage gene violation melanin synthesis can vary from the complete block to small deviations.In some cases the level of tyrosinase of patients is normal.They reveal violations in the gene that is responsible for the production of another enzyme.

How are albinos

There are many types of albinism, each of which has its own characteristics.There are eye-cutaneous albinism and ocular albinism, in which only the eyes are affected.A full block melanin patients have white skin and hair.They have a translucent blue eyes that the light out red.This effect creates the blood vessels of the eyeball, through the translucent translucent iris.Because ocular pathologies often reveal strabismus, nystagmus, myopia and astigmatism.

What threatens the absence of pigment

Albinism - is not just a flaw in appearance.The absence or reduction in the concentration of melanin in the structures of the eye disrupts the normal development of the eye system.This leads to the formation of albino strabismus and progressive loss of vision.Conventional forms of strabismus are successfully treated by surgical methods, but they are at albinism have very low efficiency.

Melanin protects us from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation.Its absence deprives the skin structure and eye protection.Albinos are subject to sunburn.They have a significantly increased risk of developing skin cancer.Therefore, they are forced to defend themselves thoroughly using sunscreen and glasses.

Often albinism affects neighboring genes, leading to the formation of various syndromes.So, at Higashi syndrome Chegiaka-seen combination of albinism congenital decreased immunity.Angelman syndrome is associated with reduced intellectual development, microcephaly, hypotonia and ataxia.

Other people

In traditional African society, and island nations had the ambiguous attitude to the albino.For example, on the island of Fiji albino anciently enjoyed special respect and occupy high-ranking positions in society.Of particular relevance to the albino in India - in this country there is a cult of albinos.

can not be said about the African countries: albinism existence here is accompanied by superstitious interpretations, and people with this illness often become outcasts.

US albino rights defending organization representatives albinism and gipopigmentizma (OPAG), which its members call colorless Union.In some African countries, for example in Tanzania, there are clinics in the network, which advises the parents of albino children and provide health care.

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